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statue of hugging rabbits, the color of rusted copper

Learning to Let Go: Listening to Students in Discussion file | Play in new window | Duration: 8:46A class discussion where the teacher pre-determines the outcome is just a lecture in disguise, dressed up...
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Blurred, multicolor lights from brakes, street lamps, signs, and other sources form a background behind a car’s side mirror, speckled with raindrops.

Critical Pedagogy: Intentions and Realities

This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. It is one thing to read about critical pedagogy in...
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the legs of two people sitting atop a concrete wall; sneakers and boots

Critical Pedagogy in Classroom Discussion: a #Digped Discussion

“Indeed, little of the teaching makes our students see the relevance, necessity, or beauty of the subject.” ~ Paul Goodman, from Compulsory Mis-education, 1964 Many tensions lurk...
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Broken piano keys

Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture

Syllabi that reflect the mundane, bureaucratic requirements of the University are at risk of setting an equally banal classroom atmosphere. While administrative personnel may argue otherwise,...
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Flat-head screw in black and white

Toward a Luddite Pedagogy

An especially objectionable feature of the edtech discourse is its use of the word “Luddite” as a term of abuse. Uttering “You’re a Luddite” to the...
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Loud speaker

On Silence

The following article is republished from Hack Education with permission. Normally, we only post republications on the Page Two section of our site. However, we’re publishing this...
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Red balance beams

A Safe Space for Dangerous Ideas; a Dangerous Space for Safe Thinking

Danger and safety are both integral to education, particularly if one ascribes to critical pedagogy, which is, in many respects, about balancing the two elements. On...
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Colorful twenty-sided dice

Exploring the Dungeon: The Importance of “Play” to Learning

A weak light filters in through frosted windows and splashes across a table-sized world map as a gallery of onlookers poke each other and whisper in...
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thin slice of a lemon on a textured blue background

Critical Resistance and Underground Teaching: a #digped Discussion

This Friday, August 1 from 12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern, Hybrid Pedagogy will host a Twitter discussion under the hashtag #digped to consider ways to enact what...
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Curled paper

Three Lines of Resistance: Ethics, Critical Pedagogy, and Teaching Underground

This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. It is easy for those of us invested in critical...
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Bee community

The Standards of Critical Digital Pedagogy

This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. Educational standards limit the consciousness towards which...
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Tennis shoe

A Pedagogy of Discovery: Reflections on Teaching Tech to Elementary Students

When I discovered a rather nondescript blurb on Craigslist about needing an immediate replacement for a “technology specialist,” I didn’t know exactly what I’d find. Much...
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Eagle stare-down

Breaking up with Facebook: Untethering from the Ideological Freight of Online Surveillance

During the summer of 2013, I scratched my seven-year itch. I broke up with Facebook. I first met the social media space in 2006, when the...
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Domo in the grass

Discovering Natural Classrooms: Hybrid Collective Learning Spaces

For many, the classroom is an alienating place. There are environmental factors that play into this (and monetary factors that play into these environmental ones). There...
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Hybrid by Choice: Increasing Engagement in a High Enrollment Course

Hybrid pedagogy does not just describe an easy mixing of on-ground and online learning, but is about bringing the sorts of learning that happen in a...
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A cat naps on pavement, precariously tucked under a tire.

The MOOC Problem

The purpose of education is in large part linked to its standing as a social science. Philosophers dating back to Socrates have linked education to a...
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Hand of St. Francis

The Phenomenology of Participation: Derrida and the Future of Pedagogy

Hospitality in the classroom and digital pedagogical practices encourage participatory pedagogy and collective action. This model of learning and teaching emphasizes the shared responsibility between all...
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A small green plant growing up out of a crack in the road

CFP: Critical Digital Pedagogy

“Digital pedagogy is becoming, for me, coterminous with critical pedagogy, given the degree to which the digital can function both as a tool for and an...
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an alchemist taking a hammer to Hamlet's skull

Net Neutrality Will Not Go Quietly

On May 2, 2012, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a discussion about Net Neutrality, considering the broader implications for educators and learners. You can read the original announcement...
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a pile of Sylvania Blue Dot flashbulbs

Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality

I have colleagues who invoke “Best Practices” the way that evangelical Christians quote the Bible: God has spoken. During these conversations, I am tempted to say...
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looking down on sneakers, standing on a curb, hovering over wind-blown leaves

Practice and Performance: Teaching Urban Literature at the Less than Liberal Arts

 “…Literature can be our teacher as well as our object of investigation” —Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak To say that being the only African American woman professor at...
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children playing a makeshift game of hopscotch

The Political Power of Play

This peer-reviewed article was simultaneously prepared as a keynote address for Re:Humanities 2014, a peer-reviewed undergraduate digital humanities conference held by the TriCollege Digital Humanities Initiative...
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a bird on chain link fence, looking determined

Correctional Pedagogy: Prison Reform and Life-or-Death Learning

Education cannot just be filling an empty brain, but must be as Paulo Freire says in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, “the means by which men and...
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White sign divided into left and right halves; each half containing pictograms and text. Left: robot, alien, female shapes, circle, “XX / ZZ”, and female sign. Right: male, other alien, and other robot shapes, male sign, “XY / ZW”, triangle.

Breaking Binary: Facebook and Teachable Moments

I was in my car, pulling into the driveway after picking up some takeout. The radio was tuned to NPR, but I wasn’t paying that close...
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Colorful Building

Culture, Education, and Difference: Negotiating a Pedagogy of Shared Experience

“To the naked eye, I may seem normal just like another student or individual; however, behind the mask, I am constantly reminded that I am different...
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