Sean Michael Morris
Sean Michael Morris is the Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Senior Instructor in Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Colorado Denver.
An Open Letter On the Future of Hybrid Pedagogy
What is Hybrid Pedagogy?
Jesse Stommel · Chris Friend · Sean Michael Morris
We’ve spent the last several weeks rebuilding the journal on a new platform, looking carefully through our archives, to curate and foreground the most relevant articles we’ve published.
New Collection CFP: Voices of Practice—New Stories of Scholarship
Calls for Papers
Sean Michael Morris
What does it mean to be a professional while also an academic? This collection is seeking narratives that balance scholarship with personal experience.
An Urgency of Teachers
Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing
Sean Michael Morris · Jesse Stommel
This collection of essays explores the authors’ work in, inquiry into, and critique of online learning, educational technology, and the trends, techniques, hopes, fears, and possibilities of digital pedagogy.
Instructional Designers Are Teachers
Academic Labor
Sean Michael Morris
The future of digital learning depends on taking seriously the work of instructional designers as teachers, both by pushing them to be more and acknowledging when they are far more than we realized.
Ethical Online Learning: Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris · Lora Taub
On February 16, 2018, Sean Michael Morris and Lora Taub-Pervizpour presented a joint keynote for a Digital Pedagogy Lab event at the University of Delaware. Below is the transcript for that presentation. For
Adventures in Unveiling: Critical Pedagogy and Imagination
Sean Michael Morris
There never were going to be any dinosaur bones. Not on that cloudy day, nor on any other. But we went out anyway. With sandwiches and chips, an apple or two. Out to
A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris · Jesse Stommel
Some platforms are not agnostic. Not all tools can be hacked to good use. Critical Digital Pedagogy demands we approach our tools and technologies always with one eyebrow raised.
When We are Writers
Digital Writing
Sean Michael Morris
There’s a thing I want to say. I heard it coming up when I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday. Watching the sun and the people in the sun and thinking this was
Creative Beasts with Crayons
Digital Writing
Sean Michael Morris
Digital writing is emergent writing. It mutinies at the imposition of form, the edicts of the grammars of old. It rails to change the rules. It raises the flag of anarchy. The council
Not Enough Voices
Digital Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
On Friday, 12 August 2016, Sean Michael Morris gave one of two closing keynotes at the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute held at the University of Mary Washington. Below is the text of his
Teaching in Our Right Minds: Critical Digital Pedagogy and the Response to the New
critical digital pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
Digital Pedagogy Lab will be hosting a second international institute at the University of Prince Edward Island from July 15-18, 2016, welcoming participants from across North America and the UK. The university is
Open Letters
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
In the interests of transparency, the following is a letter sent by e-mail to the editorial staff of Hybrid Pedagogy. We’re sharing this, and another letter below, with our community. On
Digital Humanities and the Erosion of Inquiry
Sean Michael Morris
On February 12, 2016, Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris gave a talk as part of the University of Michigan’s Digital Currents initiative. The following is the Slideshare from that presentation
Conversations: Instructional Design, Trust, and Discovery
project-based learning
Sean Michael Morris · Joshua Eyler
Sean Michael Morris and Josh Eyler recently sat down for a conversation to set the stage for MOOC MOOC: Instructional Design. Sean had been dipping into A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming

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