Hybrid Pedagogy began publishing book-length works in 2014, beginning with a series of digital books. In 2018, we published our first print book, An Urgency of Teachers. Just as the articles published by Hybrid Pedagogy have always been focused on creating dialogue and telling stories, our long-form publishing projects share that ethos, bringing together oft-marginalized voices pushing at the edges of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Our book projects experiment with form as well as content, presenting open-access options for all titles and in many cases texts that reflect their formats as much as their contexts.

All of Hybrid Pedagogy's books are available in open-access formats. Click here to pay what you can and then find the open-access books below. All donations benefit the Hybrid Pedagogy Non-profit.

An image of the book cover for Undoing the Grade on the left with a quote from the book on the right: "Grades and assessment are elephants in almost every room where discussions of education are underway. This book examines the what, why, and whether of grades: When do they fail? What harm do they do and how can we mitigate that harm? Can we construct more poetic, less supposedly objective, models for assessment?"

Undoing the Grade: Why We Grade, and How to Stop

by Jesse Stommel
Foreword by Martha Burtis
Afterword by Sean Michael Morris

This book represents over 20 years of thinking and writing about grades. The work of ungrading is to ask hard questions, point to the fundamental inequities of grades, and push for structural change. Undoing the Grade offers pedagogies and practices that make assessment more equitable.

Toward a Critical Instructional Design
and Designing for Care

Edited by Jerod Quinn, Martha Burtis, and Surita Jhangiani
Forewords by Robin Derosa and Catherine J. Denial

In March of 2021, Hybrid Pedagogy put out a call for chapters for a Critical Instructional Design Reader. The editors made the decision to gather these chapters into two sibling collections: Designing for Care and Toward a Critical Instructional Design. Together, they strive to imagine more humanizing and problem-posing approaches to the design of education. The two books are meant to be read together or either on its own.

Toward a Critical Instructional Design

Designing for Care

Voices of Practice: Narrative Scholarship from the Margins

Edited by Sean Michael Morris, Lucy Rai, and Karen Littleton
Foreword by Maha Bali / مها بالي

Inspired by scholarly narratives like those from Ruth Behar, bell hooks, Jonathan Kozol, and others, Voices of Practice inspects, interrupts, questions what it means to be a scholar, using deeply personal reflections, poignant vignettes, and carefully examined timelines of intellectual and professional development. This volume features educators who may not at first call themselves “academics” and who have focused their careers on the practice rather than the publishing of scholarship.

Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics

Edited by Chris Friend
Foreword by Robin DeRosa

Teaching is an act of radical care. Our teaching influences the students we work with, the institutions we work within, and the communities we live in. It reflects on the past and considers the present to change the future. Teaching that values and supports individuals within networks of learners builds confidence, connection, and collaboration. Caring for students has never been more vital.

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Audiobook version now in production

Starting in October 2021, the chapters from this title are being released as serialized episodes, with many chapters read by their original authors. Hosted by collection editor Chris Friend, this podcast brings the work of progressive pedagogues to an even larger audience. Subscribe to Hybrid Teaching on Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts!

Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Collection

Edited by Jesse Stommel, Chris Friend, and Sean Michael Morris
Foreword by Ruha Benjamin

Since 2011, Hybrid Pedagogy has published over 400 articles from more than 200 authors focused in and around the emerging field of critical digital pedagogy. A selection of those articles are gathered here. This is the first peer-reviewed publication centered on the theory and practice of critical digital pedagogy.

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An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy

by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel
Foreword by Audrey Watters

Too many approaches to teaching with technology are instrumental at best, devoid of heart and soul at worst. This collection of essays explores the authors’ work in, inquiry into, and critique of online learning, educational technology, and the trends, techniques, hopes, fears, and possibilities of digital pedagogy. The ideas of this volume span almost two decades of pedagogical thinking, practice, outreach, community development, and activism.

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