Martha Burtis
Martha Burtis is a Learning and Teaching Developer at Plymouth State University. She has worked in and around the intersection of higher ed, open pedagogy, and digital technologies for 20+ years.
An Introduction to Designing for Care and Toward a Critical Instructional Design
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
For many of us, the Covid crisis brought into focus that assumptions underpinning our instructional design, and our ID practices themselves, were failing our teachers, students, and institutions.
Teacher of the Ear
Martha Burtis discusses the benefits of loving students in the classroom. Hear how pedagogies of care affect classroom labor.
The Cult of Quality Matters
instructional design
Quality Matters, with its 42-point rubric, is one of the most pervasive and insidious examples of a standardized approach to the development of online courses.
14 min read
Counter-friction to Stop the Machine: The Endgame for Instructional Design
instructional design
"Institutional structures are not designed to cultivate (and sometimes undermine) pedagogical expertise in both instructional designers and faculty."
13 min read
Making and Breaking Domain of One’s Own: Rethinking the Web in Higher Ed
Digital Pedagogy
On Friday, 12 August 2016, Martha Burtis gave one of two closing keynotes at the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute held at the University of Mary Washington. Below is the text of her talk;
16 min read

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