Chris Friend
Chris Friend is Assistant Professor of English in New Media at Kean University. He holds a PhD in Texts & Technology from the University of Central Florida.
Teacher of the Ear
Laura Gibbs says feedback—giving advice and support—emphasizes learning. Hear about separating feedback from assessment, ungrading, and more.
Teacher of the Ear
Martha Burtis discusses the benefits of loving students in the classroom. Hear how pedagogies of care affect classroom labor.
Teacher of the Ear
While teaching through years of a global pandemic, Jessica Zeller says hopeful optimism can keep us centered on what we value: engaging with students.
Teacher of the Ear
Kaitlin Clinnin and sarah madoka currie acknowledge that we’re all worn out, then explore ways to contextualize the problem and show ourselves some grace.
Public Scholarship
Teacher of the Ear
Dr. Mia Zamora blurs the lines between school and community, class and real-world, expertise and experience.
Teacher of the Ear
During the pandemic, the work of teaching has earned greater attention and importance. What might care work look like from a global pedagogical perspective?
Scholarly Communication
Teacher of the Ear
What could scholarly communication look like if we understand the system and strategically apply pressure in an effort to break that system?
Introduction to Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics
Hybrid Teaching
Caring for others has never been so vital. We teach humanity, not technology. Use hybrid education to build community.
13 min read
Announcing Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics
Third in a series on critical digital pedagogy, this book challenges faculty and administrators to consider the implications of educational technology.
On Renewal: Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2020 List of Lists
New years prompt us to reflect. For Hybrid Pedagogy, 2020 brought changes, additions, and new provocations.
Double-Open Peer Review: Shaping the Teaching Community
Peer Review
Hybrid Pedagogy uses double-open peer review, strategically crafting teaching communities by pairing authors and reviewers with intention.
Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Collection
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
A new edited collection, the first peer-reviewed book centered on the theory and practice of critical digital pedagogy.
10 min read
Teacher of the Ear
Classes moved online for the pandemic, even those that rely on in-person interaction. How can we maintain connection with students? Sherri Spelic explains.
Active Gratitude
Teacher of the Ear
What is the nature of gratitude? What does it challenge — or allow — us to do? And how does it change when we think of it as being *active*? I talk with Amy Slay and Kate Bowles to learn more.

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