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Learning is under attack. How can education defend against “alternative facts” and a reality-TV host armed with nuclear codes and a Twitter account? Trust in knowledge and evidence has eroded globally, and preserving that trust, we now see, helps preserve democracy. In this book, you’ll discover how decisions made in the classroom reflect—and help shape—global politics.

Restoring and preserving trust in truth and reality requires that people work together. This book shows how students can use digital tools while learning to engage with and contribute to the world around them. As teachers, we have a responsibility to help students navigate and integrate society and identity. Integration and empathy defend against the recent resurgence of anger-fueled nationalism. Caring for others has never been so vital.

As the authors in Hybrid Teaching make clear, technology and capitalism will not solve education’s problems. Social media companies promise connection but create echo chambers and conspiracy-mongering. Ed-tech companies promise insights and solutions while delivering surveillance and suspicion. Despite the push to rely on technology, teachers must focus on people instead of tools because today, all teaching is necessarily hybrid.

Pedagogy, people, and politics influence each other, and educators of all stripes have an opportunity—a responsibility—to build human connections using ethical systems. This book explores those opportunities.

Gathering the voices of over two dozen progressive educators, this volume combines perspectives from across academia and around the globe. The authors use critical digital pedagogy to navigate today's turbulent global political climate. Timely and accessible, Hybrid Teaching challenges higher education faculty and administrators to consider the political implications—and the political power—of teaching with technology.

Contributing authors: Timothy R. Amidon, Maha Bali / بالي مها, Stephen R. Barnard, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Marisol Brito, Martha Fay Burtis, Ian Derk, Robin DeRosa, Alex Fink, Joseph P. Fisher, Chris Friend, Chris Gilliard, Abby Goode, Amy A. Hasinoff, Asao B. Inoue, Adeline Koh, Tiffany Kraft, Amanda Licastro, Ioana Literat, Pat Lockley, Maggie Melo, Luca Morini, Sean Michael Morris, Leif Nelson, Sherri Spelic, Jesse Stommel, Audrey Watters, and Jessica Zeller

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