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Just as the articles published by Hybrid Pedagogy have always been focused on creating dialogue and telling stories, our long-form publishing projects share that ethos, bringing together oft-marginalized voices pushing at the edges of teaching, learning, and scholarship. 23 posts
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
In 2018, we published our first print book, An Urgency of Teachers. We have now published 7 print books in the last five years.
Undoing the Grade: Why We Grade, and How to Stop
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Ungrading means raising an eyebrow at grades as a systemic practice, distinct from simply not grading. The word, "ungrading," is a present participle, an ongoing process, not a static set of practices.
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Quality Theater
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
A deeply common and deeply problematic area of instructional design is the unquestioned adoption and propagation of online course quality rubrics.
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Click, Click, Connect
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
The following vignettes are based on events that occurred during the 2020-2021 academic year, a pandemic year that called me and so many others to “pivot” to teaching and learning completely online.
An Introduction to Designing for Care and Toward a Critical Instructional Design
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
For many of us, the Covid crisis brought into focus that assumptions underpinning our instructional design, and our ID practices themselves, were failing our teachers, students, and institutions.
A Foreword to Toward a Critical Instructional Design
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
As we design our courses, we are participating in a larger project to design the future of higher education.
A Foreword to Designing for Care
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
By prioritizing care and community in our teaching and instructional design, we give ourselves and our students the opportunity to remake this uncertain world.
An Incomplete History of My Teaching Body
Voices of Practice
Creating a pedagogy of care required unlearning many of the lessons I’d absorbed about disability. It required thinking not just about my own body, but the systems that police our bodies, that exclude, marginalize and enact violence on some bodies.
Introduction to Voices of Practice
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
This volume is about personal stories, episodes from the lives of educators which have in some way shaped their practice. More specifically, it is about educators with roots in professional practice prior to entering academia.
Announcing Voices of Practice
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Marginality can be visible and invisible. Class background. Sexuality. Chronic or temporary disability when you're communicating online. Those at the centers can never see what it looks like to be on the margins, because the world looks different from the margins.
A Foreword to Hybrid Teaching
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Learning has to be a journey towards humanity, infusing criticality, creativity and collaboration with a deeper commitment to our common human flourishing.
Announcing Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics
Third in a series on critical digital pedagogy, this book challenges faculty and administrators to consider the implications of educational technology.
A Foreword to Critical Digital Pedagogy
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
I am convinced that without a deep engagement with critical digital pedagogy, as individuals and institutions, we will almost certainly drag outmoded ways of thinking and doing things with us.
Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Collection
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
A new edited collection, the first peer-reviewed book centered on the theory and practice of critical digital pedagogy.
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