Maha Bali / مها بالي
Maha Bali / مها بالي is Associate Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching, American University in Cairo. She is a facilitator of, and editor for Hybrid Pedagogy.
Announcing Voices of Practice
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Marginality can be visible and invisible. Class background. Sexuality. Chronic or temporary disability when you're communicating online. Those at the centers can never see what it looks like to be on the margins, because the world looks different from the margins.
This episode of HybridPod explores the idea of collaboration — how it works, what it is, and how we can facilitate it in our classes.
Yearning for Praxis: Writing and Teaching Our Way Out of Oppression
Critical Pedagogy
> “The problem is writing articles instead of making sure the articles actually change the world.”  —Martin Bickman, “Returning to Community and Praxis” I’ve been writing all my life, as my mom
The Trouble with Frameworks
Using frameworks to study the social world is like looking at a still image through tinted glasses — making our perspective limited and color-blind — when the reality is complex and dynamic with colors and
Towards a Critical Approach to Faculty Development
Academic Labor
We are two critical pedagogues who are also faculty developers, trying to create space for conversations interrogating dominant approaches to faculty development. Faculty developers support the growth and continuing development and evolution of
Writing the Unreadable Untext: a Collaborative Autoethnography of #rhizo14
In January, 2014, we participated in the MOOC Rhizomatic Learning: The community is the curriculum [] (#rhizo14) facilitated by Dave Cormier []. A group of
10 min read
Virtual, Hybrid, or Present? The #et4buddy Conference Experiment
At the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Conference (#et4online) held in Dallas Texas (April 22-24), I worked with Rebecca J. Hogue to create a pilot program, known as #et4buddy, that allowed me to
Pedagogy of Care — Gone Massive
Sometimes, the most valuable thing we can offer our students is genuine care for them, their well-being, their happiness. Not just their grades. Not just their learning. But their whole selves. This article
Embracing Subjectivity
Embracing our subjectivity as teachers can be tricky; I’ve written several [] times [http://https//] about how complex it is when teachers
Inner Voice, Criticality, and Empathy
I am deeply disturbed by dominant discourses in society that silence the voices of others, particularly women and ethnic minorities. I am frustrated by people who put others down, particularly online. And I
Compassion and Integrity
Academic Labor
Common systems that check finished work for signs of plagiarism turn it into a punitive situation, rather than a teaching opportunity. What if we looked at citation as a compassionate authorial act? Could we situate quoting and referencing as an act of academic kindness?
Embodying Openness as Inclusive Digital Praxis
Open Education
It is much easier to pay lip service to notions such as critical pedagogy and open education, than it is to truly embody those ideals in our own practice. One of the struggles
Critical Pedagogy: Intentions and Realities
Critical Pedagogy
This article is a response submitted for ourseries []about critical digital pedagogy.See the original CFP for details []. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is
Bonds of Difference: Participation as Inclusion
Alterity CFP
As teachers who consider the whole world a virtual classroom and community, many of us sometimes mistakenly assume that if we create space for representing the “voice” of the marginalized, all will be

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