Quality Theater
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Jerod Quinn
A deeply common and deeply problematic area of instructional design is the unquestioned adoption and propagation of online course quality rubrics.
Click, Click, Connect
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Jessica O'Reilly
The following vignettes are based on events that occurred during the 2020-2021 academic year, a pandemic year that called me and so many others to “pivot” to teaching and learning completely online.
An Introduction to Designing for Care and Toward a Critical Instructional Design
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Martha Burtis · Jerod Quinn
For many of us, the Covid crisis brought into focus that assumptions underpinning our instructional design, and our ID practices themselves, were failing our teachers, students, and institutions.
A Foreword to Toward a Critical Instructional Design
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Robin DeRosa
As we design our courses, we are participating in a larger project to design the future of higher education.
A Foreword to Designing for Care
Hybrid Pedagogy Books
Catherine Denial
By prioritizing care and community in our teaching and instructional design, we give ourselves and our students the opportunity to remake this uncertain world.
Cultivating Student Resilience to Resist Institutional Replication
Eileen Camfield · Taylor Fugere · James Barnes · Maria D. Ramirez Loyola
In the wake of the pandemic, resilience has become the word of the day on most college campuses. How well do we really understand what it means?
Las Ganas for Change
Students Voices CFP
Ale Uriostegui
I never got the chance to break down my high school experience in a way that was analytical and “academic. Entonces, even though this letter is addressed to y’all, this is an opportunity for me to articulate thoughts I had lingering en mi mente with concepts that I’ve learned aquí.
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Laura Gibbs
Laura Gibbs says feedback—giving advice and support—emphasizes learning. Hear about separating feedback from assessment, ungrading, and more.
Namita Mehta
I wish someone had told me–verified for me, validated for me–that everything would be okay. Just the vote of confidence, a light of hope, would have been enough for me to see the path ahead.
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Martha Burtis
Martha Burtis discusses the benefits of loving students in the classroom. Hear how pedagogies of care affect classroom labor.
Designing for Fatigue
Nic Helms · Cait Kirby · Asia Merrill
If we can imagine a post-pandemic campus that nurtures rather than fatigues, we can begin to make such campuses our future.
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Jessica Zeller
While teaching through years of a global pandemic, Jessica Zeller says hopeful optimism can keep us centered on what we value: engaging with students.
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Kaitlin Clinnin · sarah madoka currie
Kaitlin Clinnin and sarah madoka currie acknowledge that we’re all worn out, then explore ways to contextualize the problem and show ourselves some grace.
Public Scholarship
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Mia Zamora
Dr. Mia Zamora blurs the lines between school and community, class and real-world, expertise and experience.

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