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What could scholarly communication look like if we understand the system and strategically apply pressure in an effort to break that system?

In August 2021, the Digital Pedagogy Institute took place online, hosted by the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto Scarborough, Ryerson University, and Brock University. I was one of two plenary speakers at that event. The other was Hannah McGregor. Her presentation asserted that scholarly podcasts are a form of pedagogy. Immediately, I knew I wanted to have her on this show. Then, at the end of the Q&A session, with only a handful of minutes to go, I asked a question along the lines of this: “How can podcasts be best positioned as scholarship in the tenure and promotion process?” Hannah’s response further convinced me to ask for an interview. I’m rather sad the Q&A was not recorded because I would love to share with you her bemused-yet-exasperated response. It was something along the lines of, “I only have five minutes? Darn you, Chris!”

So with today’s episode, I make sure Hannah has more than five minutes. In this conversation, we do talk about how podcasts can be positioned as scholarship, but along the way we challenge the nature of scholarly communication; analyze scholarly publication as a system; question the relationships among teaching, scholarship, and service; and imagine how un-grading principles could apply to tenure and promotion evaluations.

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