Martín Kutnowski
Martín Kutnowski is a musician and writer. He has published extensively on arts education as well as the interrelationship between music and popular culture.
Peeking Under the Rug: Build a “Candid” Teaching Portfolio
Teaching is hard. Teaching well is really hard. This paraphrase of Jeff Daniels’ reflection on the difficulties of writing [] is not an adage, but it should
Listening to Students
In this episode, we’ll explore some of the benefits we can get, and improvements we can make, if we essentially talk less and listen more.
Daring Conversations: Searching for a Shared Language
Critical Pedagogy
“Ra-Ra Ah-Ah-Ah, Ga-Ga-Ooh-La-La, I want your bad romance.” — Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” Do I really see myself teaching Lady Gaga next semester? Or should I stick to teaching Mozart? Should the speakers ooze

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