Adam Heidebrink-Bruno
Adam Heidebrink-Bruno is a rogue educator, teaching-and-learning wherever there is potential to do so. He specializes in not specializing, working in public, private, and adventure education.
Envisioning the Radical Syllabus: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture, Part 2
This piece is a follow-up and response to “Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture.” There is a fear among University educators that the students they have received are damaged goods.
Love in the Time of Peer Review
Over the weekend of November 21-23, the Hybrid Pedagogy editorial board gathered in Washington D.C. for an intensive working retreat. During that time, we collaborated on the following article — 10 authors
Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture
Syllabi that reflect the mundane, bureaucratic requirements of the University are at risk of setting an equally banal classroom atmosphere. While administrative personnel may argue otherwise, the syllabus is not simply a contract
A Pedagogy of Discovery: Reflections on Teaching Tech to Elementary Students
Critical Pedagogy
When I discovered a rather nondescript blurb on Craigslist about needing an immediate replacement for a “technology specialist,” I didn’t know exactly what I’d find. Much to my joy, however, I
Discovering Natural Classrooms: Hybrid Collective Learning Spaces
Critical Pedagogy
For many, the classroom is an alienating place. There are environmental factors that play into this (and monetary factors that play into these environmental ones). There are stigmas, expectations, and traditions that may
Cracking Open the Curriculum
Critical Pedagogy
“‘I hate it when you talk like this . . .’ ‘I merely observe that this is a quantum Universe and, as such, what happens is neither random nor determined. There are potentialities and any third
Learning Beyond Limits: Open Source Collaboration in the Classroom
The Challenge: Incorporate an open source community service project into every class. What happens to a student paper or project after the individual turns it in or presents it in class? Where does

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