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Confessions of a Graduate Teacher (Once Lost, Now Found)
Academic Labor
Christopher Haynes
This is a story about two hemispheres of graduate school: teaching and dissertating. It is a story about how those two parts sometimes cohere but are more often rendered in sharp relief. It’
The Pedagogy of Trolls
Digital culture
Steven L. Berg
Andrew Shaw’s “The College Experience: A Modern-Day Paddy West?” demonstrates the value of asking undergraduates to prepare and publish assignments. As an historian of the early modern world, Shaw was able to
Hybrid by Choice: Increasing Engagement in a High Enrollment Course
Critical Pedagogy
Catherine Amoroso Leslie
Hybrid pedagogy does not just describe an easy mixing of on-ground and online learning, but is about bringing the sorts of learning that happen in a physical place and the sorts of learning
Bonds of Difference: Participation as Inclusion
Alterity CFP
Maha Bali / مها بالي · Shyam Sharma
As teachers who consider the whole world a virtual classroom and community, many of us sometimes mistakenly assume that if we create space for representing the “voice” of the marginalized, all will be
Taking the ‘No’ Out of Innovation
Digital culture
Valerie Robin
Innovate: French innover, from Old French, from Latin innovāre, innovāt-, to renew : in-, intensive pref.; in- + novāre, to make new (from novus, new). ~ adapted from OED online I have a confession: I am
Temporalizing Pedagogy and Technology: Pressing into the Future
online pedagogy
Matthew J. Kruger-Ross
In Being and Time, Martin Heidegger writes with surprising brevity, “Temporality temporalizes as a future which makes present in the process of having been.” While we may speak and write of a distinct
Straining the Quality of MOOCs: Student Retention and Intention
Peter Wallis
“Learners are classified based on their patterns of interaction with video lectures and assessments, the primary features of most MOOCs to date.” — Rene F. Kizilcec, et al. It’s the first thing in
The Failure of an Online Program
Digital Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
It’s evening. An Irish pub in Louisville, Colorado. Fish and chips. Beer. A game of soccer on the TV. I’m sitting down with one of my faculty to revisit
Broadcast Education: a Response to Coursera
Digital Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
Coursera is silly. Educational technology news has been all a-flutter over the last few months about the work that Coursera is doing to bring higher education into the open. But I tell you
The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses
Jesse Stommel
MOOCs are a red herring. The MOOC didn’t appear last week, out of a void, vacuum-packed. The MOOC has been around for years, biding its time. Still, the recent furor about MOOCs,
Trading Classroom Authority for Online Community
Digital culture
Pete Rorabaugh
Early web commenters referred to the Internet as a primitive, lawless place like the “Wild West.” Plenty still needs to change to make certain parts of the web more civil and
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