Digital Writing
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Education in the (Dis)Information Age
Digital Literacy
Kris Shaffer
It's time we brought back the hyperlink and learned how to really use it. It’s time we used information abundance to our advantage. And it’s time we disentangled our communications from platforms tuned for the spread of disinformation. The health of our democracies just might depend on it.
Learning at the Intersections
Amanda Licastro
Students were writing about & for asylum seekers in a tumultuous political climate. A service learning initiative quickly became a matter of life or death.
When We are Writers
Digital Writing
Sean Michael Morris
There’s a thing I want to say. I heard it coming up when I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday. Watching the sun and the people in the sun and thinking this was
Essential Silence
Digital Writing
Chris Friend
I attended a funeral last month. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t — not for the lump in my throat or the tears in my eyes or any of the affective, funereal
Between Words and Pictures Emerges the Shape of Ideas
Digital Writing
Nick Sousanis
I want to share a quick few reflections on the particular way in which I see comics as a powerful way to express and organize our thinking. Defining this collection of practices we
Digital Writing
Kate Bowles
The fact remains that to write is to trace, and to trace is within the reach of any hand — Fernand Deligny, The Arachnean and Other Texts 1 Digital writing: Is it really different
Dance : Work : Learn : Teach : Write
Digital Writing
Robin Wharton
Prelude In a former life I was a dancer. A former life, or a previous era: BGS (Before Grad School). This is how I used to think of the countless hours I spent
Author, Audience, and Parts of Speech
Digital Writing
Sherri Spelic
For much of October I have been mentally wringing my hands over exactly how I want to contribute to Digital Writing Month, especially as a featured contributor. I gladly accepted the invitation to
Your Voice in Mine
Digital Writing
Anna Smith
How can I hear my own voice unless it bounces off of yours? I have had that single line in my mind for years. It isn’t particularly poetic, and I don&
On the Horrors and Pleasures of Counting Words
Digital Writing
Chris Friend
Good writing is not reducible to numbers; the word count for the expression of an idea can’t always (or even usually) be determined in advance. Ideas fit all kinds of containers, some
Blogging is a Choral Act
Digital Writing
Bonnie Stewart
I was going to start by saying that digital writing was, for me, a Pandora’s Box. But that would not be fair, or true. The jar Pandora opened held the evils
Creative Beasts with Crayons
Digital Writing
Sean Michael Morris
Digital writing is emergent writing. It mutinies at the imposition of form, the edicts of the grammars of old. It rails to change the rules. It raises the flag of anarchy. The council
Digital Writing, Paywalls, and Worth
Digital Writing
Lee Skallerup Bessette
This piece was contributed as part of Hybrid Pedagogy‘s Digital Writing Month. I’m tired. Scratch that: I’m exhausted. I’ve been writing for my life, like my life depended on
Maggie's Digital Content Farm
Digital Writing
Audrey Watters
This piece was contributed as part of Hybrid Pedagogy‘s Digital Writing Month. Over the course of the last 6 months or so, I’ve felt a real shift in what it
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