Lee Skallerup Bessette
Lee Skallerup Bessette is a learning design specialist in the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University. You can read more of her work at readywriting.org.
Are Apps Becoming the New Worksheet?
Digital Literacy
My daughter loves school. She used to line up her stuffed animals in rows and “teach” them for hours on end. When she got a special new doll for her 7th birthday named
“College Readiness” versus “Ready for College”
Higher Ed
We have lots of definitions of “college readiness”; here are the ACT’s definitions [http://www.act.org/standard/] as well as the Common Core’s in Language Arts [http://www.corestandards.org/
On Social Media, Silence, and Things That Matter
This piece first appeared on Educating Modern Learners [http://modernlearners.com/on-social-media-silence-and-things-that-matter/]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to talk about Ferguson [http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-ferguson-tragedy-becoming-a-farce/2014/09/12/e52226ca-3a82-11e4-9c9f-ebb47272e40e_story.html] . We need
Social Media, Service, and the Perils of Scholarly Affect
editors’ picks
I am not a scholar, at least not in the traditional sense. Almost 5 years ago, I wrote How Highered Makes Most Things Meaningless [http://collegereadywriting.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-higher-ed-makes-most-things.html] . It
Towards a Critical Approach to Faculty Development
Academic Labor
We are two critical pedagogues who are also faculty developers, trying to create space for conversations interrogating dominant approaches to faculty development. Faculty developers support the growth and continuing development and evolution of
Assessment and Generosity
Kris Shaffer and Asao Inoue discuss generous ways to assess student work, and we’ll hear from Lee Skallerup Bessette to consider institutional assessment, empathy, and student needs.
Digital Writing, Paywalls, and Worth
Digital Writing
This piece was contributed as part ofHybrid Pedagogy‘sDigital Writing Month [http://www.digiwrimo.com/]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m tired. Scratch that: I’m exhausted. I’ve been writing for my life, like my
Where Do I Belong?: Contingency and the Psychic Wage
Academic Labor
Hybrid Pedagogyrecently announced a call for articles that addressthe problem of contingency in higher education [http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/Journal/files/CFP_Contingency_in_Higher_Education.html] . The goal is to examine our
A Scholarship of Resistance: Bravery, Contingency, and Higher Education
Higher education needs more bravery. Digital pedagogy, or any experimental critical pedagogy, is necessarily dangerous, often with real risks for both instructors and students, much of which can be valuable for learning. But
It’s Time to Play: Games, Gamification, and Active Learning
Critical Pedagogy
Play is making a comeback. There have beenTED Talks [http://www.ted.com/search?cat=ss_all&q=Play], peer-reviewed articles in pediatrics journals [http://www.pediatricsdigest.mobi/content/119/1/182.
It’s About Class: Interrogating the Digital Divide
Digital Divide
I live and work in one of America’s poorest regions, Appalachia — specifically eastern Kentucky. Businesses and municipalities don’t have a strong web presence (if any at all), Google Maps is essentially

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