Sherri Spelic
Sherri Spelic is an educator, leadership coach and digital interloper at home in Vienna, Austria. She is the founder and publishing editor of Identity, Education, and Power.
Teacher of the Ear
Classes moved online for the pandemic, even those that rely on in-person interaction. How can we maintain connection with students? Sherri Spelic explains.
Seeking Patterns and Making Meaning: Digital Life in the Tangerine Era
Digital Literacy
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook [].How do we as citizens, educators, parents, neighbors and consumers deal with the flood of political messaging
Author, Audience, and Parts of Speech
Digital Writing
For much of October I have been mentally wringing my hands over exactly how I want to contribute to Digital Writing Month, especially as a featured contributor. I gladly accepted the invitation to

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