Sherri Spelic
Sherri Spelic is an educator, leadership coach and digital interloper at home in Vienna, Austria. She is the founder and publishing editor of Education and Power.
Chris Friend · Sherri Spelic
Classes moved online for the pandemic, even those that rely on in-person interaction. How can we maintain connection with students? Sherri Spelic explains.
Seeking Patterns and Making Meaning: Digital Life in the Tangerine Era
Digital Literacy
Sherri Spelic
How do we as citizens, educators, parents, neighbors and consumers deal with the flood of political messaging in a polarized and polarizing phase in our society’s history? Amid the concerns about the
Author, Audience, and Parts of Speech
Digital Writing
Sherri Spelic
For much of October I have been mentally wringing my hands over exactly how I want to contribute to Digital Writing Month, especially as a featured contributor. I gladly accepted the invitation to

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