Bonnie Stewart
Bonnie Stewart is a teacher and learner at UPEI, Canada. Researching education, higher ed, and who we are when we're online.
Blogging is a Choral Act
Digital Writing
I was going to start by saying that digital writing was, for me, a Pandora’s Box. But that would not be fair, or true. The jar Pandora opened held the evils of
Digital culture
I talk with Bonnie Stewart about networks in education and society, plus how they work with activism, identity, and power relations.
In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship
The idea of publics is central to scholarship. Scholarly pursuits are financed in part through public purses, and scholarship — in its idealized form, at least — contributes back to publics. Research. Knowledge. The public
How NOT to Teach Online: A Story in Two Parts
Faculty Development
Here’s a little secret: when I started teaching people how to teach online, I had no clue what I was doing. It was 1998. I was a graduate student, without extensive computer

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