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The Pretense of Neutrality: Twitter, Digital Literacy, and First-Year Writing
Politicizing Pedagogy CFP
“You can’t be neutral on a moving train” — Howard Zinn As universities go, the ethos of my home institution is relatively conservative. Conservative parents believe their children will maintain conservative values by
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Twessays and Composition in the Digital Age
While written assignments are typically growing in length in line with the ever-expanding volume of resources available to student writers, platforms like Twitter demand more succinct approaches to writing and offer a range
Beyond Academic Twitter: Social Media and the Evolution of Scholarly Publication
Academic Labor
“What should academics do on Twitter?” At a recent roundtable workshop on developing a professional academic digital identity, I heard the first four speakers address that question which I have heard so many
On Social Media, Silence, and Things That Matter
This piece first appeared on Educating Modern Learners []. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to talk about Ferguson [] . We need
A Careful Approach to Digital Scholarship
> The Twitter format lends itself to excitement, leaping out, connecting with people over content, not into content, and offers opportunities for people to make what they want of out of journal article
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In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship
The idea of publics is central to scholarship. Scholarly pursuits are financed in part through public purses, and scholarship — in its idealized form, at least — contributes back to publics. Research. Knowledge. The public
Twitter Pedagogy: An Educator Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole
Digital Pedagogy
How do we know if the new ‘it’ technology will work in our classroom? Will it create meaningful learning for our students, or even for ourselves as educators? As an educator whose research
The Rules of Twitter
Digital culture
Twitter is an incredibly dynamic digital tool that can create spaces of flattened hierarchies. These spaces can fuel inclusive pedagogy. But before teaching with Twitter, instructors have to think about how to use
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Hashtag Classroom
Hashtags are taxonomic and pedagogical tools (with citation standards to boot [] ).The Twitter hashtag was born in 2007 [
The Threat of Scholarly Openness: Twitter and Its Discontents
Open Education
I was roused from my teaching this week by the cacophony of tweets and blog posts on the merits and pitfalls of tweeting another scholar’s ideas (the most cited ones authored or
The Twitter Essay
Digital Pedagogy
Consider the tangible violence technology has wrought upon grammar. We rely on automated grammar and spell-check tools in word-processing software (so much that they’ve become a crutch). E-mail shorthand fails to live