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Write Out Loud: Risk & Reward in Digital Publishing
Language is a source of power that makes things happen in the world, and that is an important and challenging lesson to teach in college writing courses. Once students recognize the profound implications
Indie, Open, Free: The Fraught Ideologies of Ed-Tech
Digital culture
I grew up in a middle-class American household, and I studied classical music. I took private lessons from seventh grade on. I owned my own instrument from eighth grade on. I upgraded to
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Academic Labor
What does it take to access an education? I spoke with Robin DeRosa about this broad issue that affects the way we do things in our classrooms and schools.
Public Archives, New Knowledge, and Moving Beyond the Digital Humanities/Digital Pedagogy Distinction
Let’s stop talking about “students” as some undifferentiated mass or referring to “my students,” a phrase that smacks of proprietorship, and start giving them credit by name for the work they do
Teaching with the Internet; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Google In My Classroom
critical digital pedagogy
This piece is being published to coincide in real time with Adeline Koh’s keynote at Illiads 2015 []. On a walk last week, my husband asked me what I
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Why Open Educational Resources (OERs) are Important for Critical Pedagogues
Few things annoy me more than burning time on bureaucratic paperwork. Frankly, as an educator, my time and attention should be centered on students and learning — and that includes  modifying and selecting readings
Embodying Openness as Inclusive Digital Praxis
Open Education
It is much easier to pay lip service to notions such as critical pedagogy and open education, than it is to truly embody those ideals in our own practice. One of the struggles
Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance
On December 1, 2014, Audrey Watters published a collection of her lectures under the title Monsters of Education Technology []. The following is the final chapter from
If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance
critical digital pedagogy
MOOCs and Critical Pedagogy are not obvious bedfellows. The hype around MOOCs has centered mostly on a brand of sage on the stage courseware at direct odds with Critical Pedagogy’s emphasis on learner agency.
The Open, Interactive Music Theory Textbook
This Summer, Hybrid Pedagogy launched a new long-form publishing venture, spearheaded by Robin Wharton []and Kris Shaffer []: Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing []
The MOOC Problem
Critical Pedagogy
The purpose of education is in large part linked to its standing as a social science. Philosophers dating back to Socrates have linked education to a purpose beyond the individual, one where accrual
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Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality
Critical Pedagogy
I have colleagues who invoke “Best Practices” the way that evangelical Christians quote the Bible: God has spoken. During these conversations, I am tempted to say in a serious voice, “Best Practices dictate
Developer, Financier, Designer: Building Hybrid Projects outside the University
Open Education
“I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities — and found no statues of Committees.”~ G K Chesterston About two years ago circumstances reduced my full time job in a UK university
Confessions of a Subversive Student
Open Education
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the complete serialized audiobook [].My relationship with education has always been a kind of dissonant harmony. I have always loved learning,
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