Janine DeBaise
Janine DeBaise is a writer, ecofeminist, and blogger who teaches at SUNY-ESF in upstate New York.
Responsive Teaching
Digital Pedagogy
Our teaching should be responsive, adapting to the situation, the students, and the semester, not determined by the textbook.
Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality
Critical Pedagogy
I have colleagues who invoke “Best Practices” the way that evangelical Christians quote the Bible: God has spoken. During these conversations, I am tempted to say in a serious voice, “Best Practices dictate
Learn Like an Arachnid: Why I’m MOOCifying
Every fall when I ask my first year students, “Why did you choose theCollege of Environmental Science and Forestry [http://www.esf.edu/]?” at least one will answer, “I want to save the

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