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streaky, blurred image of a street-level view with echoes of a "no pedestrians" sign (maybe?) in the background; colors otherwise primarily deep blues and black

Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom

Students often explain that they take the courses I teach because they want to learn how to make GIFs, YouTube videos, and HTML/CSS websites. They want...
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a black and white butterfly stands atop the center of a red flower; blurred greenery in the background

Creativity and the Power of Two

Running into each other on the Columbia University campus, we often chatted about books, teaching and learning, music, plants, Broadway shows, and our theories about how...
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Teaching as Troubleshooting: What I Learned About Digital Pedagogy Behind the Wheel of a Beet Truck

4:13AM. Sunrise was still hours away. My hands throttled the oversized steering wheel in front of me. My gaze was fixed out on the dark road...
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mature trees line both sides of a curved road; rusty colors suggest dusk

Situating Makerspaces in Schools

America’s obsession with STEM is dangerous, Fareed Zakaria warns us, and our hunch is that most readers of Hybrid Pedagogy would tend to agree. We, Colin...
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Large stormtrooper figurine pulls sled holding two small stormtrooper figures and a teddy bear

Digital Pedagogy, Part 2 file | Play in new window | Duration: 28:20A complete transcript of this episode is available. On Friday, September 4, 2015, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a one-hour #digped discussion on...
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intersecting bars, possibly of playground equipment, painted blue, yellow, or red

A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers

Every educator, from kindergarten to graduate school, should contribute to the important and significant work of teaching students to use online sources and social networks for...
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Get your art history on

Hashtag Classroom

Hashtags are taxonomic and pedagogical tools (with citation standards to boot). The Twitter hashtag was born in 2007. Invented by Chris Messina (then with the consulting firm...
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Very Useful Tools

Push, Pull, Fork: GitHub for Academics

In his article, “Open-source Scholarship”, Kris Shaffer argues that the open-source software model has lessons to offer the academic community. Here, Kris demonstrates how a scholar...
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colorful clown; injured?

The Discussion Forum is Dead; Long Live the Discussion Forum

There are better forums for discussion than online discussion forums. The discussion forum is a ubiquitous component of every learning management system and online learning platform...
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Olde Time photo, of a traveling public library

Data Mining in the Trenches: Using Storify to Teach Research

It’s time to confront our bias against open sources and redefine how our students research in digital environments. We should both allow them to use the...
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Pandas, and lots of them, being cute and adorable

Hacking the Screwdriver: Instructure’s Canvas and the Future of the LMS

There’s nothing wrong with Blackboard, except in the way that there’s something wrong with all of it. At InstructureCon 2012, we noticed a lot of hate being...
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An aesthetically pleasing display of old, used pencils

Theorizing Google Docs: 10 Tips for Navigating Online Collaboration

This sentence — this one right here — is the first sentence I’ve written in two months that wasn’t co-authored in a Google Doc. It’s the...
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A bold, beautiful green vine risks everything to grow atop brick wall and lives

Infiltrating the Walled Garden

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are walled gardens. They provide substantial control over the environment in which learning activities take place, and at first glance this appears...
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Ancient brick man walks another day

How to Storify. Why to Storify.

Intended to serve as a stop-motion camera for the torrent of information we get from social media, Storify allows the user to arrange pieces of conversations...
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Torn papers and twigs.

Document Sharing and Markup

Text becomes our voice in digital space. In the land-based classroom, we speak. In the online classroom, we compose. What we write, the way that we...
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shiny computer entrails

Technological Panic

The computer and the LMS for an online or hybrid class are merely a medium. Still, so many instructors and students in technologically-enhanced classes spend the...
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David Bowie's labyrinth!

Hack the LMS: Getting Progressive

On the simplest level, a learning management system is any organizational pattern that assists teaching and learning. A grade book can also serve this function; so...
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