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Wakefulness and Digitally Engaged Publics
Academic Labor
Before his death in 2003, Edward Said [] urged his colleagues to assume the role of public intellectuals in the service of democracy. Said, a professor of
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Pedagogical Training via Relationship Building: The Value of Peer Mentoring
Academic Labor
Graduate students enter graduate programs hungry to learn about research, teaching, and professionalization. They seek knowledge of their discipline, socialization from faculty and peers, and most importantly the tools to perform the jobs
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Confessions of a Graduate Teacher (Once Lost, Now Found)
Academic Labor
This is a story about two hemispheres of graduate school: teaching and dissertating. It is a story about how those two parts sometimes cohere but are more often rendered in sharp relief. It’
Confessions of a Self-Taught College Instructor: Embracing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Academic Labor
When I started graduate school and immediately became the instructor of record of a freshman composition course, I had a couple of advantages going for me. First, my parents were both educators, one
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social justice
Students ask about our interests and lives to understand & connect with us. What happens when the answers reveal more about us than we’re ready to share?
Separate but Equal: Substitute Teaching Done Right
Academic Labor
Every day, students across the country open the doors to their classrooms and see a stranger standing where their regular teacher should be. “Are you our sub?” they demand in a less than
From Under the Volcano
Academic Labor
Endings are difficult and painful: The lava of new beginnings flows under the hard, hollow shell of habit, threatening to burst out and create new forms. The era of the public intellectual is
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Whither the Digital Humanities?
Digital Humanities
The Digital Humanities (DH) can be viewed in two ways: as emerging and as emergent. * Emerging: Over the last two decades, as it grew from humanities computing into digital humanities [http://www.neh.
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How Long Will Your Class Remain Yours? Academic Freedom and Control of the Classroom
Academic Labor
The late labor historian David Montgomery wrote famously about workers’ control in America [] during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. “At times the story
Redefining Service for the Digital Academic: Scholarship, Social Media, and Silos
Academic Labor
I appreciate the agility available to the digital academic, but there is something a bit fun-house about all of this to me.  Every day as part of my work as a college English
Yearning for Praxis: Writing and Teaching Our Way Out of Oppression
Critical Pedagogy
> “The problem is writing articles instead of making sure the articles actually change the world.”  —Martin Bickman, “Returning to Community and Praxis” I’ve been writing all my life, as my mom
Peeking Under the Rug: Build a “Candid” Teaching Portfolio
Teaching is hard. Teaching well is really hard. This paraphrase of Jeff Daniels’ reflection on the difficulties of writing [] is not an adage, but it should
The Trouble with Frameworks
Using frameworks to study the social world is like looking at a still image through tinted glasses — making our perspective limited and color-blind — when the reality is complex and dynamic with colors and
A Careful Approach to Digital Scholarship
> The Twitter format lends itself to excitement, leaping out, connecting with people over content, not into content, and offers opportunities for people to make what they want of out of journal article
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