Estee Beck
Estee Beck is an assistant professor of professional and technical writing/digital humanities in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Arlington.
Pedagogical Training via Relationship Building: The Value of Peer Mentoring
Academic Labor
Graduate students enter graduate programs hungry to learn about research, teaching, and professionalization. They seek knowledge of their discipline, socialization from faculty and peers, and most importantly the tools to perform the jobs
8 min read
Digital Pedagogy, Part 2
Digital Pedagogy
New technology may make it too easy for us to focus on novelty, not on implications, in our digital pedagogy. What are risks & benefits of tech in class?
Digital Pedagogy, Part 1
Digital Pedagogy
Have we moved from analogue to digital teaching? We talk about transitioning learning into today’s technological era — about digital pedagogy.
Breaking up with Facebook: Untethering from the Ideological Freight of Online Surveillance
critical digital pedagogy
During the summer of 2013, I scratched my seven-year itch. I broke up with Facebook. I first met the social media space in 2006, when the platform was in many ways an energetic
8 min read

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