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Colorful twenty-sided dice

Exploring the Dungeon: The Importance of “Play” to Learning

A weak light filters in through frosted windows and splashes across a table-sized world map as a gallery of onlookers poke each other and whisper in...
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Curled paper

Three Lines of Resistance: Ethics, Critical Pedagogy, and Teaching Underground

This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. It is easy for those of us invested in critical...
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Domo in the grass

Discovering Natural Classrooms: Hybrid Collective Learning Spaces

For many, the classroom is an alienating place. There are environmental factors that play into this (and monetary factors that play into these environmental ones). There...
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a bird on chain link fence, looking determined

Correctional Pedagogy: Prison Reform and Life-or-Death Learning

Education cannot just be filling an empty brain, but must be as Paulo Freire says in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, “the means by which men and...
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Colorful Building

Culture, Education, and Difference: Negotiating a Pedagogy of Shared Experience

“To the naked eye, I may seem normal just like another student or individual; however, behind the mask, I am constantly reminded that I am different...
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New born chick

Cracking Open the Curriculum

“‘I hate it when you talk like this . . .’ ‘I merely observe that this is a quantum Universe and, as such, what happens is...
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Photo of an outstretched left hand holding a camera lens pointed away from view. Through the lens, the upside-down image of a male photographer in orange shirt, camera raised to shoot, stands beside a female photographer to his side, with her arms on her hips. Surrounding the camera lens is a heavily blurred, deep blue background.

Confessions of a Subversive Student

My relationship with education has always been a kind of dissonant harmony. I have always loved learning, yet I have always felt like a rogue in...
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Someone spends a lot of time buffing these floors.

Imperatives and Alibis: Fascism and the Rhetoric of Educational Innovation

My job often brings me to schools where I talk with teachers and students about technology and innovative pedagogies. Some time ago, approximately at the beginning...
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These sure look reminiscent of mouse ears.

Listening for Student Voices

Teachers don’t teach; instructors don’t really instruct. The lecture-based course fell out of favor years ago, and we know today to bring front and center the role students...
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Bubbles on Glass

How Do Learners Experience Open Online Learning?

During the summer of 2013, George Veletsianos approached the editors of Hybrid Pedagogy about publishing a collection of graduate student essays. The collection focused on these...
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