Critical Pedagogy
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Travelling in Troy With an Instructional Designer
Critical Pedagogy
Jonan Phillip Donaldson
Instructional designers can build courses in which technologies are Trojan Horses for emancipation through constructionist problem-based learning.
Disruptive Pedagogy and the Practice of Freedom
Critical Pedagogy
Julie Fellmayer
Schools won't embrace education as the practice of freedom if it rocks the boat too much. How might we care for a student’s soul in a disruptive sense?
Opening the Classroom: Ownership and Engagement
Critical Pedagogy
Ben Van Overmeire
It was time to open up the classroom. I was tired of doing class on my own. Tired of designing lesson plans that minutely mapped every second of my time together with the students. It was time for students to take ownership of class.
Ethical Online Learning: Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris · Lora Taub
On February 16, 2018, Sean Michael Morris and Lora Taub-Pervizpour presented a joint keynote for a Digital Pedagogy Lab event at the University of Delaware. Below is the transcript for that presentation. For
A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris · Jesse Stommel
Some platforms are not agnostic. Not all tools can be hacked to good use. Critical Digital Pedagogy demands we approach our tools and technologies always with one eyebrow raised.
“Hands-Off” Teaching: Facilitating Conversation as Pedagogy in Library Instruction
Critical Pedagogy
Michelle Reale
“Knowledge creation is a conversation.” — R. David Lankes “I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions — a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom.”
Learning Through Conversation
The Purpose of Education
Daniel Ginsberg
“My teaching portfolio speaks of challenges and failures alongside successes, all woven into a narrative organically establishing who I am and why I do what I do.” — Martin Kutnowski There’s a fair
CFP: Preparing Graduate Teachers
Academic Labor
Chris Friend
This is an open, ongoing call. You can read the articles already written in response, or consider contributing your own. The May 2016 #digped chat hosted by Digital Pedagogy Lab highlighted the disconnect
Messy Minds: The Autoethnography of Learning
Naomi Barnes
I’ve had my arse handed to me a few times online. Enough times to realise that writing provocatively (whether intentional or not) is often worth the activity. The most memorable and behaviour
Teaching in Our Right Minds: Critical Digital Pedagogy and the Response to the New
critical digital pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
Digital Pedagogy Lab will be hosting a second international institute at the University of Prince Edward Island from July 15-18, 2016, welcoming participants from across North America and the UK. The university is
From Under the Volcano
Academic Labor
Paul Walsh
Endings are difficult and painful: The lava of new beginnings flows under the hard, hollow shell of habit, threatening to burst out and create new forms. The era of the public intellectual is
Welding and the Meaning of Life
Critical Pedagogy
Nakia Pope
I find myself angry a lot lately, frequently at the charges of irrelevance leveled against my discipline of philosophy and liberal arts in general. These charges argue not just that philosophy is irrelevant.
Open Letters
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
In the interests of transparency, the following is a letter sent by e-mail to the editorial staff of Hybrid Pedagogy. We’re sharing this, and another letter below, with our community. On
Challenging Our Pedagogy: Hybrid Pedagogy’s Editors’ Picks
Critical Pedagogy
Chris Friend
Pedagogy is a strange beast Many teachers first hear the word pedagogy when they enter graduate school. Until then, we are surrounded by it — we see it being modeled, enacted, and refined by
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