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A Misapplication of MOOCs: Critical Pedagogy Writ Massive
critical digital pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
I am peeking through a pinhole when I look at MOOCs. Like any tool in the wrong hands, MOOCs can become agents of continued oppression — of the learner or the teacher, in a pedagogical sense or in a poli-economic one.
MOOCifying K-12: Relationships, Collaboration, Risk-Taking
Verena Roberts
Just over a year ago, my “learning” exploded. I was developing a hybrid Canadian online delivery program for Chinese high school students. I was encouraged to push the boundaries of K-12 online and
Learn Like an Arachnid: Why I’m MOOCifying
Janine DeBaise
Every fall when I ask my first year students, “Why did you choose the College of Environmental Science and Forestry?” at least one will answer, “I want to save the world.” By the
A MOOC is not a Thing: Emergence, Disruption, and Higher Education
Sean Michael Morris · Jesse Stommel
A MOOC is not a thing. A MOOC is a strategy. What we say about MOOCs cannot possibly contain their drama, banality, incessance, and proliferation. The MOOC is a variant beast — placental,
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