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CFP: The Purpose of Education
Calls for Papers
Our advanced technological society is rapidly making objects of most of us and subtly programming us into conformity to the logic of its system. To the degree that this happens, we are also
Addressing Ageism in the 21st Century Classroom
Critical Pedagogy
> “It makes no more sense to wish for age than to fear it.” – Gloria Steinem When I entered my Introduction to Women’s Studies class in the fall of 2014 and saw an
Yearning for Praxis: Writing and Teaching Our Way Out of Oppression
Critical Pedagogy
> “The problem is writing articles instead of making sure the articles actually change the world.”  —Martin Bickman, “Returning to Community and Praxis” I’ve been writing all my life, as my mom often
Critical Nostalgia: Pastoral and Technology in the Classroom
Critical Pedagogy
The other day, a first-grader whom I tutor in reading explained to me his understanding of a dictionary, which he was just learning to use: “It’s what people used to use to
Public Archives, New Knowledge, and Moving Beyond the Digital Humanities/Digital Pedagogy Distinction
Let’s stop talking about “students” as some undifferentiated mass or referring to “my students,” a phrase that smacks of proprietorship, and start giving them credit by name for the work they do
Effective Teaching Remix: Answering the Call for Digital Literacy
Critical Pedagogy
I am a big fan of those educators who have learned that you can use these tools, together with critical thinking, as a means of empowering students to take on their own learning.
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Why Start With Pedagogy? 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions
student-centered learning
This post originally appeared on HASTAC [] on June 18, 2015. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m often asked why I start with pedagogy, given the larger
Librarian as Outsider
Academic Labor
Academic librarians are worried about power. And powerlessness. They are particularly concerned with the way power dynamics shape their identities as educators and inform their pedagogical capacity. Recent library scholarship has introduced a
Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?
On June 29, 2015 at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia, Audrey Watters spoke on a panel called “Is it Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?”. The transcript of her speech can
Upholding the Hidden
Critical Pedagogy
Our choice of words is never value-free. Language runs deep in us — setting the perspective of our daily lives and prevailing attitudes. In educational environments, “a lot of what upholds our standards of
Towards a Critical Approach to Faculty Development
Academic Labor
We are two critical pedagogues who are also faculty developers, trying to create space for conversations interrogating dominant approaches to faculty development. Faculty developers support the growth and continuing development and evolution of
Decolonizing Critical Participation and Writing: A Year of Open Access Publishing on the Margins
Academic Labor
We have an immense amount of power, if we reach out and harness it. This is not just some new age abstraction. To be specific: anyone can create a website, a video, a
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LibGuides: Pedagogy to Oppress?
You have to be a pretty tenacious researcher to find any criticism about LibGuides, the practical and convenient tool that librarians use to create online guides to research. My search for “LibGuides and
Embracing Subjectivity
Embracing our subjectivity as teachers can be tricky; I’ve written several [] times [http://https//] about how complex it is when teachers