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Do You Trust Your Students?
Amy Hasinoff
Classrooms can be spaces where students are practicing self-determination rather than training to be authoritarian subjects. We first have to trust them.
But You Can’t Do That in a STEM course!
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Karen Cangialosi
When we stop judging students they stop judging and censoring themselves. They begin to actually learn. Even in a STEM class.
Bit, Block, Sketch, Build: Bricolage and Educator Learning
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Remi Kalir
Every course, every semester, and every workshop is a mutable foundation upon which to build for empathy rather than efficiency, to architect relations of curiosity and variance rather than similarity and control.
Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Ashley Hinck
We should help students move from users of shortcut/template platforms to makers, creators, and speakers in their own rights.
Twessays and Composition in the Digital Age
Donna M. Alexander
While written assignments are typically growing in length in line with the ever-expanding volume of resources available to student writers, platforms like Twitter demand more succinct approaches to writing and offer a range
Designing Critically: Feminist Pedagogy for Digital / Real Life
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés · Aimee deNoyelles
I’m a feminist teacher of writing and literature of over 25 years and, amazingly, I still love it. I love the transformative nature of critical feminist pedagogy, the dialogic classes where meaning
The World as Classroom: Calling All Scholars
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
David Kulma
Like many people across the world this spring, I sat and watched Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. As a non-scientist, I was not only awestruck by what I learned, I was heartened by this
Pedagogy, Prophecy, and Disruption
Critical Pedagogy
Ian Derk
Listen to the audio version here, read by the authorWithout consideration of its past, present, or future, critical digital pedagogy may become irrelevant before it begins in earnest. The forces of neoliberalism that
Notes Toward a Live Poetry Journal: Performance and Digital Placemaking in “Verse Wisconsin”
Critical Pedagogy
Wendy Vardaman
Poetry is a way of knowing, like numbers, like facts, like photographs and video. As an independent academic operating outside the university, I move among the roles of publisher, editor, poet, curator, activist,
Critical Pedagogy: Intentions and Realities
Critical Pedagogy
Maha Bali / مها بالي
This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. It is one thing to read about critical pedagogy in the abstract, but I
A Safe Space for Dangerous Ideas; a Dangerous Space for Safe Thinking
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Jennifer Hardwick
Danger and safety are both integral to education, particularly if one ascribes to critical pedagogy, which is, in many respects, about balancing the two elements. On one hand, it invites students and teachers
Three Lines of Resistance: Ethics, Critical Pedagogy, and Teaching Underground
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Kris Shaffer
This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. It is easy for those of us invested in critical pedagogy to see need
The Standards of Critical Digital Pedagogy
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Sam Hamilton
This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. Educational standards limit the consciousness towards which critical pedagogy aims. Yet, those committed to
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