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Submissions to Hybrid Pedagogy can respond to one of our ongoing calls for papers or extend an existing conversation. These CFPs offer an idea of the kind of work we publish, but if you want to know more, we invite you to pick an article and dive in. 9 articles
New Collection CFP: Voices of Practice—New Stories of Scholarship
Calls for Papers
What does it mean to be a professional while also an academic? This collection is seeking narratives that balance scholarship with personal experience.
CFP: Politicizing Critical Digital Pedagogy
Calls for Papers
Libraries advertize their relationship with “alternative facts”. Religious schools voice strong opposition to presidential actions. Silenced government employees create rogue Twitter accounts to voice concerns. Super Bowl ads champion immigration and opportunity in
CFP: Preparing Graduate Teachers
Academic Labor
This is an open, ongoing call. You can read the articles already written in response, or consider contributing your own. The May 2016 #digped chat hosted by Digital Pedagogy Lab highlighted the disconnect
CFP: The Purpose of Education
Calls for Papers
Our advanced technological society is rapidly making objects of most of us and subtly programming us into conformity to the logic of its system. To the degree that this happens, we are also
CFP: The Scholarly & the Digital
Calls for Papers
“What is new and which affects the idea of the work comes not necessarily from the internal recasting of each of these disciplines, but rather from their encounter in relation to an object
CFP: Critical Digital Pedagogy
“Digital pedagogy is becoming, for me, coterminous with critical pedagogy, given the degree to which the digital can function both as a tool for and an obstacle to liberation.” ~ Jesse Stommel,
CFP: Pedagogical Alterity: Stories of Race, Gender, Disability, Sexuality
Calls for Papers
Read the collection of articles published from this CFP. Paulo Freire claims in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, that “the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed [is] to liberate themselves and their
CFP: The Problem of Contingency in Higher Education
Academic Labor
Read the collection of articles published from this CFP. The case of Margaret Mary Vojtko made much more public a conversation that’s been heating up in academe. Vojtko, an adjunct professor at
CFP: A Dialogue among K-12 and Post-secondary Pedagogies and Pedagogues
Calls for Papers
Don’t throw the past away. You might need it some rainy day. Dreams can come true again, When everything old is new again. —Peter Allen, “Everything Old Is New Again” Click here
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