What is Hybrid Pedagogy?
Hybrid Pedagogy is the journal of critical digital pedagogy. Our work is centered on praxis — the blend of theory and practice that develops with experience and reflection. The journal advocates for teachers, for marginalized voices in education, but first and foremost for students and learners. 5 articles
An Open Letter On the Future of Hybrid Pedagogy
What is Hybrid Pedagogy?
Jesse Stommel · Chris Friend · Sean Michael Morris
We’ve spent the last several weeks rebuilding the journal on a new platform, looking carefully through our archives, to curate and foreground the most relevant articles we’ve published.
Call for Editors
Digital Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris
Note: this Call for Editors is now closed. The place of the editor is not above the writer, but beside. Editors are not meant to correct but to suggest, not to admonish but
Love in the Time of Peer Review
Marisol Brito · Alexander Fink · Chris Friend · Adam Heidebrink-Bruno · Rolin Moe · Kris Shaffer · Valerie Robin · Robin Wharton
Over the weekend of November 21-23, the Hybrid Pedagogy editorial board gathered in Washington D.C. for an intensive working retreat. During that time, we collaborated on the following article — 10 authors
Collaborative Peer Review: Gathering the Academy’s Orphans
Sean Michael Morris
“…revolutionary leaders cannot be falsely generous, nor can they manipulate. Whereas the oppressor elites flourish by trampling the people underfoot, the revolutionary leaders can flourish only in communion with the people.” ~ Paulo
Hybridity, pt. 2: What is Hybrid Pedagogy?
What is Hybrid Pedagogy?
Jesse Stommel
This is the second in a series of articles that investigates hybridity as it relates to our positions as teachers and scholars, but also as learners, composers, and community members. We also consider
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