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Rows of Colors

A Scholarship of Resistance: Bravery, Contingency, and Higher Education

Higher education needs more bravery. Digital pedagogy, or any experimental critical pedagogy, is necessarily dangerous, often with real risks for both instructors and students, much of...
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Dual Color and Barbed Wire

The Hybrid Scholar

Negotiated hybridity — of the physical and digital, of the professional and social, of the individual and communal — is our natural state. Only since we...
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Warning sign, prohibiting hiking off road

The Threat of Scholarly Openness: Twitter and Its Discontents

I was roused from my teaching this week by the cacophony of tweets and blog posts on the merits and pitfalls of tweeting another scholar’s ideas...
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Jellyfish under a blue light, so peaceful

Flipping Faculty Development: Teacher Training and Open Education

Audience has been a critical concern during our first five months at work on Hybrid Pedagogy. We realize the need to consciously expand our audience — to...
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A box parent reunites with box child after days apart, in a puddle

Pedagogy as Publishing

Publishing and teaching can both terrify new academics, often to the point of paralysis. Their mutual support for one another is often frustrated by institutional demands....
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Two baby birds, squeaking and squawking, waiting for dear old parent bird to return

Twitter Theory and the Public Scholar

In celebration of Twitter’s 6th birthday this week, we offer an examination of Twitter’s application to pedagogical and scholarly communities. I was very excited when I...
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Mollusk on eating utensil

Hybrid Academy, or How #altac Changes Pedagogy

I’ve been following some of the very different, but complementary conversations about hybrid pedagogy emerging from this journal, as well as from the postdoctoral seminar at Georgia Tech. Most...
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an egg standing upright on white surface, with deep blue wall in background

Who Are We? Scholarly Identity Under Interrogation

On my first day as a student-teacher in a public high school (1999), my mentor teacher left me in the room at 8:20 a.m. to take...
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Books in a storefront window.

In Search of the "Peer" in Peer Review

In this article for the Guardian, George Monbiot calls academic publishing “economic parasitism” and academic publishers “monopolists,” which brings up a broader discussion about the purpose...
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