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On Renewal: Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2020 List of Lists
New years prompt us to reflect. For Hybrid Pedagogy, 2020 brought changes, additions, and new provocations.
On Advocacy: Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2016 List of Lists
Digital Literacy
We won’t take this lying down. No, we will join together, combine our voices, and raise our own kind of hell. The 2016 U.S. presidential election is still a fresh wound
Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2015 List of Lists
Three consecutive years is enough to establish a tradition, right? In what has thereby become a tradition,Hybrid Pedagogy will “go dark” for about a month as many of our readers, authors, and
Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2014 List of Lists
Hybrid Pedagogy will go dark from December 10, 2014, through early January 2015. Many of our readers and authors take this time to prepare for the new semester and/or spend time with
Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2013 List of Lists
Digital Pedagogy
This article closes outa series []that reflects at a meta-level about the work of the journal itself. Here, we offer aHybrid Pedagogymix-tape with a few special guests.