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Separate but Equal: Substitute Teaching Done Right
Academic Labor
Every day, students across the country open the doors to their classrooms and see a stranger standing where their regular teacher should be. “Are you our sub?” they demand in a less than
A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers
Digital Pedagogy
Every educator, from kindergarten to graduate school, should contribute to the important and significant work of teaching students to use online sources and social networks for educational and professional goals. To ignore the
How Shadowing my 2nd-grader Led to a New View of Tech in the Classroom
Last year, I experienced two months that were very challenging for me as a person and as an academic. One of my sons, who was seven, became very ill and missed a lot
All I Needed to Know about College Teaching I Learned as a High School Teacher
K-12 CFP
When people hear that I was once a high school English teacher and am now a college professor, they often ask, “How is college teaching different?” They expect I’ll say something about
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The Higher Education and K-12 Conversation
When we think about K-12 and higher education, educators think of them as two separate entities. Within K-12, we divide it further; primary, junior, intermediate, and senior. These artificial silos create barriers to
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MOOCifying K-12: Relationships, Collaboration, Risk-Taking
Just over a year ago, my “learning” exploded. I was developing a hybrid Canadian online delivery program for Chinese high school students. I was encouraged to push the boundaries of K-12 online and
Learning from Early Childhood Education: Higher Ed and the Process of Becoming
Critical Pedagogy
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook.On my luckier days, I am gifted a few invisible moments at pick-up time before my son or one of his
Building in the Humanities Isn’t New
Digital Humanities
“For children can accomplish the renewal of existence in a hundred unfailing ways.” — Walter Benjamin, “Unpacking My Library [https://www.google.com/books/edition/Illuminations/mV06rdTclagC?hl=en&gbpv=1&pg=