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Practice and Performance: Teaching Urban Literature at the Less than Liberal Arts
Alterity CFP
Aisha Damali Lockridge
“Literature can be our teacher as well as our object of investigation” —Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak To say that being the only African American woman professor at a small, liberal arts college in the
Bonds of Difference: Participation as Inclusion
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Maha Bali / مها بالي · Shyam Sharma
As teachers who consider the whole world a virtual classroom and community, many of us sometimes mistakenly assume that if we create space for representing the “voice” of the marginalized, all will be
Bonds of Difference: Illusions of Inclusion
Alterity CFP
Maha Bali / مها بالي · Shyam Sharma
A bull that went blind during the monsoon forgets that the world is not always green. — Nepalese proverb Thanks largely to the advent of MOOCs, more scholars around the world are engaged in
Breaking Binary: Facebook and Teachable Moments
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Sean Hackney
I was in my car, pulling into the driveway after picking up some takeout. The radio was tuned to NPR, but I wasn’t paying that close of attention. I was exhausted after
Culture, Education, and Difference: Negotiating a Pedagogy of Shared Experience
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Alexander Hernandez · Deborah Seltzer-Kelly
“To the naked eye, I may seem normal just like another student or individual; however, behind the mask, I am constantly reminded that I am different from everybody else. I am not sure
An Encounter with Pedagogical (H)alterity
Alterity CFP
Eric Detweiler
I am stuck with the following story — not only with it, but by it. My decision to articulate it is always marked by haltings and hesitations, whether I’m inscribing it here or
Finding My Voice as a Minority Teacher
Academic Labor
Chris Friend
As a high-school teacher, I kept quiet about my sexuality because I didn’t want to draw attention to it. Instead, I created a deafening silence, a vacuum that tugged on everything around
The Pleasures, the Perils, and the Pursuit of Pedagogical Intimacy
Alterity CFP
Danielle Paradis
Intimacy lacks a satisfying definition. It is, according to the New American Oxford Dictionary, “a close familiarity of friendship; a private atmosphere; or an intimate act (especially sex).” To be intimate with someone
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