Cheryl E. Ball
Cheryl E. Ball is editor of Kairos. She researches digital publishing, scholarly multimedia, and multimodal composition.
Teacher of the Ear
Chris Friend · Cheryl E. Ball
Cheryl E. Ball shares how she blends professional editing, modern publishing, and digital pedagogy to create meaningful courses beyond the classroom walls.
Multimodality as a Frame for Individual and Institutional Change
editors’ picks
Kristin L. Arola · Cheryl E. Ball · Jennifer Sheppard
Recently, we completed the final manuscript for a guidebook to support multimodal composition in writing- and project-intensive courses. We wrote the book because we realized that each of our 15 years of experience
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 3: Developing Editors and Designers
Digital Literacy
Cheryl E. Ball
This is the third installment in a three-part series on Editorial Pedagogy, a critical and three-dimensional approach to teaching, editing, and service. The first installment introduces the practice from a theoretical framework; the
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 2: Developing Authors
Cheryl E. Ball
In the previous installment to this series, I wrote about the theoretical foundations on which my professional philosophy, an editorial pedagogy, is built on the recursive and reciprocal relationships between my editorial praxis
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 1: A Professional Philosophy
Digital Literacies
Cheryl E. Ball
This article is the first in a three-part series. Two subsequent articles by Cheryl Ball will demonstrate the application of editorial pedagogy to the relationships between students / teachers and authors / editors respectively. Sometimes,

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