Cheryl E. Ball
Cheryl E. Ball is editor of Kairos. She researches digital publishing, scholarly multimedia, and multimodal composition.
Teacher of the Ear
Cheryl E. Ball shares how she blends professional editing, modern publishing, and digital pedagogy to create meaningful courses beyond the classroom walls.
Multimodality as a Frame for Individual and Institutional Change
editors’ picks
Recently, we completed the final manuscript for a guidebook [] to support multimodal composition in writing- and project-intensive courses. We wrote the book because we realized that
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 3: Developing Editors and Designers
Digital Literacy
This is the third installment ina three-part series []on Editorial Pedagogy, a critical and three-dimensional approach to teaching, editing, and service. Thefirst installment [
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 2: Developing Authors
In theprevious installment to this series [], I wrote about the theoretical foundations on which my professional philosophy, an editorial pedagogy, is built on
Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 1: A Professional Philosophy
Digital Literacies
This article is the first ina three-part series []. Two subsequent articles by Cheryl Ball will demonstrate the application of editorial pedagogy to the relationships between students / teachers

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