Politicizing Pedagogy CFP
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Fandom, Feminism, and Maker Pedagogy
Academic Labor
Maker pedagogy can be a political, and even radical, approach to learning. The best learning experiences emerge when students approach making as an exploratory and self-reflexive process that brings them into closer conversation with the concerns of the course.
Making the Invisible Visible
Simplifying people to stereotypes rarely has a noble purpose. In narrowing and propagating unnuanced definitions for human experiences or identities, the already marginalized can be dehumanized, the othered can be villified, and diversity
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Learning at the Intersections
Service Learning
Students were writing about & for asylum seekers in a tumultuous political climate. A service learning initiative quickly became a matter of life or death.
Seeking Patterns and Making Meaning: Digital Life in the Tangerine Era
Digital Literacy
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook [https://anchor.fm/hybrid-teaching].How do we as citizens, educators, parents, neighbors and consumers deal with the flood of political messaging
The Pretense of Neutrality: Twitter, Digital Literacy, and First-Year Writing
Politicizing Pedagogy CFP
“You can’t be neutral on a moving train” — Howard Zinn As universities go, the ethos of my home institution is relatively conservative. Conservative parents believe their children will maintain conservative values by
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