Our podcast explores conversations of Critical Digital Pedagogy, listening for ways to empower students and champion learning. Each episode is hosted by Chris Friend and features interviews with creative pedagogues working in or out of academia, sharing insights and perspectives on how we can enhance learning and teaching in our lives. 17 articles
Chris Friend · Sherri Spelic
Classes moved online for the pandemic, even those that rely on in-person interaction. How can we maintain connection with students? Sherri Spelic explains.
Active Gratitude
Chris Friend · Kate Bowles · Amy Slay
What is the nature of gratitude? What does it challenge — or allow — us to do? And how does it change when we think of it as being *active*? I talk with Amy Slay and Kate Bowles to learn more.
Chris Friend · Cheryl E. Ball
Cheryl E. Ball shares how she blends professional editing, modern publishing, and digital pedagogy to create meaningful courses beyond the classroom walls.
Chris Friend · Chris Gilliard
Chris Gilliard walks us through concerns he has about the state of online surveillance and dangers lurking behind asking students to work in online platforms.
Asking the Right Questions
Chris Friend · Bonni Stachowiak
Asking the right questions — from teachers and students alike — can make all the difference in helping us connect with one another and our courses.
Academic Labor
Chris Friend · Robin DeRosa
What does it take to access an education? I spoke with Robin DeRosa about this broad issue that affects the way we do things in our classrooms and schools.
social justice
Chris Friend · Greg B. Curran · Paul France
Students ask about our interests and lives to understand & connect with us. What happens when the answers reveal more about us than we’re ready to share?
Questioning Learning
Chris Friend · Amy Collier
Amy Collier emphasizes the importance of questioning — as a means of improving our teaching, enhancing student learning, and understanding our contexts.
Responsive Teaching
Digital Pedagogy
Chris Friend · Janine DeBaise
Our teaching should be responsive, adapting to the situation, the students, and the semester, not determined by the textbook.
Digital culture
Chris Friend · Bonnie Stewart
I talk with Bonnie Stewart about networks in education and society, plus how they work with activism, identity, and power relations.
Chris Friend · Maha Bali / مها بالي · Sarah Honeychurch · Kevin Hodgson
This episode of HybridPod explores the idea of collaboration — how it works, what it is, and how we can facilitate it in our classes.
Digital Pedagogy, Part 2
Digital Pedagogy
Chris Friend · Cori Anderson · Estee Beck · Molly Hatcher · Cecilia Lo · Sean Michael Morris · Kristy Rawson
New technology may make it too easy for us to focus on novelty, not on implications, in our digital pedagogy. What are risks & benefits of tech in class?
Digital Pedagogy, Part 1
Digital Pedagogy
Chris Friend · Cori Anderson · Estee Beck · Molly Hatcher · Cecilia Lo · Sean Michael Morris · Kristy Rawson
Have we moved from analogue to digital teaching? We talk about transitioning learning into today’s technological era — about digital pedagogy.
Play in Education
Jesse Stommel · Stephanie Vie · Kyle Stedman · Chris Friend
This episode explores the assertion that “play is serious business” and tests the ways in which it can be applied to today’s educational environments.
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