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streaky, blurred image of a street-level view with echoes of a "no pedestrians" sign (maybe?) in the background; colors otherwise primarily deep blues and black

Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom

Students often explain that they take the courses I teach because they want to learn how to make GIFs, YouTube videos, and HTML/CSS websites. They want...
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long shadows fall from decaying pier pillars; mist encroaches in place of water

In the Clutches of Algorithms

We sacrifice control in the name of convenience. As we become like cyborgs, we should expect more control over our technology. Tech has long aimed to provide additional conveniences...
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Close-up of grooves with stub of spindle on a turnable;

Critical Nostalgia: Pastoral and Technology in the Classroom

The other day, a first-grader whom I tutor in reading explained to me his understanding of a dictionary, which he was just learning to use: “It’s...
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