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On Social Media, Silence, and Things That Matter
Lee Skallerup Bessette
This piece first appeared on Educating Modern Learners. I want to talk about Ferguson. We need to keep talking about Ferguson because if these past 12-24 months have taught us anything (if we
Social Media, Service, and the Perils of Scholarly Affect
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Lee Skallerup Bessette
I am not a scholar, at least not in the traditional sense. Almost 5 years ago, I wrote How Highered Makes Most Things Meaningless. It also appeared on Inside Higher Ed. It remains
Pursuing a Social Media Policy that Supports Academic Freedom
Digital culture
Kris Shaffer
Last year, my then-employer, Charleston Southern University (CSU), instituted a new social media policy. Though I believe it was largely unintended, that policy (which is still available on CSU’s website) placed unreasonable
The Twitter Essay
Digital Pedagogy
Jesse Stommel
Consider the tangible violence technology has wrought upon grammar. We rely on automated grammar and spell-check tools in word-processing software (so much that they’ve become a crutch). E-mail shorthand fails to live
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