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Making the Invisible Visible
Simplifying people to stereotypes rarely has a noble purpose. In narrowing and propagating unnuanced definitions for human experiences or identities, the already marginalized can be dehumanized, the othered can be villified, and diversity
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The Political Power of Play
Digital Humanities
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook [https://anchor.fm/hybrid-teaching].This peer-reviewed article was simultaneously prepared as a keynote address for Re:Humanities 2014 [http://blogs.haverford.
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Culture, Education, and Difference: Negotiating a Pedagogy of Shared Experience
Alterity CFP
“To the naked eye, I may seem normal just like another student or individual; however, behind the mask, I am constantly reminded that I am different from everybody else. I am not sure
Intersectionality in the Classroom: My Experience Teaching at the Crossroads of Ethnicity and Gender
Academic Labor
I may have created a racist. I am an adjunct instructor at a large, public university in a rural area of the country. Given the media attention surrounding the death of Margaret Mary