The Purpose of Education
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Pursuing Happiness Through Education
Higher Ed
Pearce Durst
If life inherently involves the pursuit of happiness, education should prepare students to face that overall challenge, not just the needs of a future job.
“To Be Honest I’m Not Sure If We Have a Textbook”: Undergraduate Access to Course Reading
The Purpose of Education
Maura A. Smale
Faculty and staff don’t often know how hard it is for students to get their course materials. Students choose whether and how to acquire textbooks.
The Ultimate Life Experience: Preparing Students for the World Beyond the Classroom
Higher Ed
Sumedha Madan · Fina Ferrara · Gavriel Lev
There needs to be a general reshaping of how college is viewed and how colleges act. There is an epidemic going on right now. Students invest a massive amount of funds and massive
The Safety Paradox
Katheryn Wright
Two news stories at the beginning of the 2016 fall semester reignited an ongoing debate about the importance of safety in higher education. The first was a letter sent to incoming students at
Meeting the Dimensions of Education
Rrezarta Xhaferi
When we talk about education, one fundamental thing from which we should start are the aspects in which education takes place. What does a person need in his life? What makes him educated,
Community-Focused Versus Market-Driven Education
Higher Ed
Matthew Metzgar
Public education is now transitioning from a system of educating citizens to a market for profit.  “Venture capitalists and for-profit firms are salivating over the exploding $788.7 billion market in K-12 education,
Learning Through Conversation
The Purpose of Education
Daniel Ginsberg
“My teaching portfolio speaks of challenges and failures alongside successes, all woven into a narrative organically establishing who I am and why I do what I do.” — Martin Kutnowski There’s a fair
Using a Compass without a Map: The Journey of a Mother-Educator
Rachel Rosekind
Orienting Inquiry and Process We shape our lives at the intersection and interstices of choice and chance. Subject to the vicissitudes of chance, we must ask ourselves what choices we can make that
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