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Open Letter to Editors/Editorial Boards from FemEdTech
The FemEdTech collective is calling on the Editors and Editorial Boards of scholarly journals to acknowledge and mitigate the disproportionate impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on women researchers and scholars.
A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin
Critical Pedagogy
Sean Michael Morris · Jesse Stommel
Some platforms are not agnostic. Not all tools can be hacked to good use. Critical Digital Pedagogy demands we approach our tools and technologies always with one eyebrow raised.
Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance
Audrey Watters
On December 1, 2014, Audrey Watters published a collection of her lectures under the title Monsters of Education Technology. The following is the final chapter from that collection. As Audrey describes it, the
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