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Indie, Open, Free: The Fraught Ideologies of Ed-Tech
Digital culture
Kris Shaffer
I grew up in a middle-class American household, and I studied classical music. I took private lessons from seventh grade on. I owned my own instrument from eighth grade on. I upgraded to
In the Clutches of Algorithms
Digital culture
Chris Friend
We sacrifice control in the name of convenience. As we become like cyborgs, we should expect more control over our technology. Tech has long aimed to provide additional conveniences for modern living, with
Winona Ryder and the Internet of Things
Digital culture
Chris Friend
“In the living room the voice-clock sang, Tick-tock, seven o’clock, time to get up, time to get up, seven o’clock!” ~ Ray Bradbury, “There Will Come Soft Rains”   The more our
Fountain: Scholarship and the Illusion of Permanence
Digital culture
Nick Szydlowski
This is an experimental publication combining video and text. It was created in response to a call for papers seeking a “meta-level consideration of what ‘counts’ as scholarship, ideally in a form that
Digital culture
Chris Friend · Bonnie Stewart
I talk with Bonnie Stewart about networks in education and society, plus how they work with activism, identity, and power relations.
Redefining Service for the Digital Academic: Scholarship, Social Media, and Silos
Academic Labor
Janine Utell
I appreciate the agility available to the digital academic, but there is something a bit fun-house about all of this to me.  Every day as part of my work as a college English
Textual Communities: Writing, Editing, and Generation in Chicana Feminism
Digital culture
Annemarie Pérez
When I first proposed the research title “Editing Chicanas,” one of my mentors, Alice Gambrell, commented that it was a good title, partly because it prompted such anxiety. I was surprised, as anxiety
The Resident Web and Its Impact on the Academy
Academic Labor
Donna Lanclos · David White
Introduction Today scholars walk a difficult line when choosing how much time to spend gaining traction within their institutions or growing a reputation online. In many cases these approaches can build on one
Critical Nostalgia: Pastoral and Technology in the Classroom
Critical Pedagogy
William Rhodes
The other day, a first-grader whom I tutor in reading explained to me his understanding of a dictionary, which he was just learning to use: “It’s what people used to use to
The Pedagogy of Trolls
Digital culture
Steven L. Berg
Andrew Shaw’s “The College Experience: A Modern-Day Paddy West?” demonstrates the value of asking undergraduates to prepare and publish assignments. As an historian of the early modern world, Shaw was able to
Digital culture
Simon Ensor
In Submission. 22nd May 2015 In January 2014 I signed up to study on Dave Cormier’s Rhizomatic Learning Course, known often by those in a know by its hashtag #rhizo14. This course,
The Rules of Twitter
Digital culture
Dorothy Kim
Twitter is an incredibly dynamic digital tool that can create spaces of flattened hierarchies. These spaces can fuel inclusive pedagogy. But before teaching with Twitter, instructors have to think about how to use
Spect-ops at Harvard: How a World-leading University Reacts to Techno-centrism
Digital culture
Carlo Perrotta
“Screens so hi-def you might as well be there, cost effective videophonic conferencing, internal Froxx CD-ROM, electronic couture, all-in-one consoles (…) Half of all metro Bostonians now work from home via some digital link.
Designing Critically: Feminist Pedagogy for Digital / Real Life
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés · Aimee deNoyelles
I’m a feminist teacher of writing and literature of over 25 years and, amazingly, I still love it. I love the transformative nature of critical feminist pedagogy, the dialogic classes where meaning
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