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No Holes for Us Round Pegs: Why Adjunct Faculty Don’t Fit In
Academic Labor
Keith Johnson
In recent years the long hidden problem of the adjunct faculty has become widely recognized, as in a series of articles in Hybrid Pedagogy published in 2013 and a current CFP there, The
From Ph.D. to Poverty
Academic Labor
Tiffany Kirwan
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the complete serialized audiobook.Another Ph.D. just applied for unemployment. I haven’t received any benefits because my claims are under review while the
A Soliloquy on Contingency
Academic Labor
Joseph P. Fisher
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the complete serialized audiobook.I don’t share the sheer outrage that some adjunct professors are directing at the tenured ranks. I really do believe
Contingent Mother: The Role Gender Plays in the Lives of Adjunct Faculty
Academic Labor
Margaret Betz
I am a mother. I am also a PhD in philosophy. And, finally, I am a contingent college professor at two universities. I am an example of how being a mother in that
Ghost Towns of the Public Good
Pat Lockley
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook.I never really got tenure as a concept, and after almost ten years of e-learning I finally found a job which
Life of an Adjunct
Academic Labor
Penelope Miller
It’s my day off from my full-time retail job so this means it’s a teaching day. I’ve walked the dog and gone for my run. I am now doing laundry.
Adjunctification: Living in the Margins of Academe
Academic Labor
Tiffany Kirwan
Unfair labor practices are commonplace in American higher education, public and private. Hardly anyone denies the problem of adjunctificaton and contingency, and, more epidemic, laborers on the fringe in any trade or profession
N=1: A Social Scientific Inquiry into Happiness and Academic Labor
Academic Labor
Ioana Literat
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the complete serialized audiobook.ABSTRACT: This study aims to assess the professional perspectives of Ioana Literat (hereafter referred to as ‘the subject’), a fourth-year PhD
Six Benefits to Working as an Adjunct
Academic Labor
Lori Beth De Hertogh
One rarely hears the word “perks” or “advantages” applied to adjunct work — and with good reason. But despite the often deplorable working conditions of adjuncts, there can be moments of opportunity. In
Not a Scarlet Letter: Talking with Students about Being an Adjunct
Academic Labor
Joseph Fruscione
If you’re an adjunct, I have a small but important task for you: Ask your students what “adjunct professor” means to them. You might hear something like, It means you don’t
A Lecturer's Almanac
Academic Labor
Katie Rose Guest Pryal
MARCH The hall of the department is a 1960s-era Bunker, molded of concrete and rebar, with tall, narrow windows to repel even the most determined activist. I watch my feet as I climb
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