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MOOC monster say HI!

MOOCagogy: Assessment, Networked Learning, and the Meta-MOOC

“Building community doesn’t mean that learning happens.” ~ from an audience comment at InstructureCon 2013 Learning in a MOOC Instruction does not equate to learning. This is...
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WORD CLOUD! By Emily Dickenson

Pedagogies of Scale

From all the jails the Boys and Girls Ecstatically leap— Beloved only Afternoon That Prison doesn’t keep They storm the Earth and stun the Air, A...
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Open Mouth of a statue, cast in bronze.

A MOOC is not a Thing: Emergence, Disruption, and Higher Education

A MOOC is not a thing. A MOOC is a strategy. What we say about MOOCs cannot possibly contain their drama, banality, incessance, and proliferation. The...
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Troll statue, cast in silver tones, snarling rudely at camera

The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses

MOOCs are a red herring. The MOOC didn’t appear last week, out of a void, vacuum-packed. The MOOC has been around for years, biding its time. Still,...
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Two Tweets discussing Learning Management Systems

#digped Storify: "Hackulty" Meetings and the Cult of Pedagogy

On Friday, June 22, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a discussion on Twitter focused on the relationship between pedagogy and technology, and the relationship between teachers and technologists. We set...
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Two wolves, cuddling in there in the wilderness

Hacking the Marriage of Teaching and Technology: a #digped Discussion

This Friday, June 22 from 1:00 – 2:00pm EST (10:00 – 11:00am PST), Hybrid Pedagogy will host a Twitter discussion group under the hashtag #digped on the relationship between pedagogy...
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Pandas, and lots of them, being cute and adorable

Hacking the Screwdriver: Instructure’s Canvas and the Future of the LMS

There’s nothing wrong with Blackboard, except in the way that there’s something wrong with all of it. At InstructureCon 2012, we noticed a lot of hate being...
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