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Pursuing Happiness Through Education
Higher Ed
If life inherently involves the pursuit of happiness, education should prepare students to face that overall challenge, not just the needs of a future job.
But You Can’t Do That in a STEM course!
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
When we stop judging students they stop judging and censoring themselves. They begin to actually learn. Even in a STEM class.
Fandom, Feminism, and Maker Pedagogy
Academic Labor
Maker pedagogy can be a political, and even radical, approach to learning. The best learning experiences emerge when students approach making as an exploratory and self-reflexive process that brings them into closer conversation with the concerns of the course.
Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom
Critical Digital Pedagogy CFP
We should help students move from users of shortcut/template platforms to makers, creators, and speakers in their own rights.
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(Higher) Education as Bulwark of Uselessness
Academic Labor
Listen to this chapter here, or subscribe to the entire serialized audiobook [].Almost two years ago, halfway through the twisting path that was my doctoral course, I found myself
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