Roger Whitson
Roger Whitson is Assistant Professor of English at Washington State University. He writes about DH, pedagogy, William Blake, and Steampunk.
Digital Humanities Made Me a Better Pedagogue: a Crowdsourced Article
Digital Humanities
Leeann Hunter · Pete Rorabaugh · Jesse Stommel · Robin Wharton · Roger Whitson
Pedagogy is inherently collaborative. Our work as teachers doesn’t (or shouldn’t) happen in a vacuum. In “Hybridity, pt. 3: What Does Hybrid Pedagogy Do?,” Pete and Jesse write, “Teaching is a
Hybrid Academy, or How #altac Changes Pedagogy
Roger Whitson
I’ve been following some of the very different, but complementary conversations about hybrid pedagogy emerging from this journal, as well as from the postdoctoral seminar at Georgia Tech. Most recently, two ideas

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