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occasional blue lights on a circular metal contraption give the illusion of spinning and bathe the ground below in glow

Write Out Loud: Risk & Reward in Digital Publishing

Language is a source of power that makes things happen in the world, and that is an important and challenging lesson to teach in college writing courses....
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industry on fire, nature charred, a monster pleading against expulsion

Indie, Open, Free: The Fraught Ideologies of Ed-Tech

I grew up in a middle-class American household, and I studied classical music. I took private lessons from seventh grade on. I owned my own instrument...
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delicate yellow-red leaves at the tips of two red stalks reaching to the right in front of a blurred blue background

Access file | Play in new window | Duration: 40:02In this episode (full transcript available), I spoke with Robin DeRosa about a broad issue that affects the way...
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four robot figurines; furthest one is in focus

Public Archives, New Knowledge, and Moving Beyond the Digital Humanities/Digital Pedagogy Distinction

Let’s stop talking about “students” as some undifferentiated mass or referring to “my students,” a phrase that smacks of proprietorship, and start giving them credit by...
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Blue and yellow fallout shelter sign against yellow bricks

Teaching with the Internet; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Google In My Classroom

This piece is being published to coincide in real time with Adeline Koh’s keynote at Illiads 2015.  On a walk last week, my husband asked me...
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brick wall with graffiti on one brick in small letters: "I am Batman"

Why Open Educational Resources (OERs) are Important for Critical Pedagogues

Few things annoy me more than burning time on bureaucratic paperwork. Frankly, as an educator, my time and attention should be centered on students and learning...
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red balloon in bright, cloud-filled sky

Embodying Openness as Inclusive Digital Praxis

It is much easier to pay lip service to notions such as critical pedagogy and open education, than it is to truly embody those ideals in...
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thin filaments of a sparse spider web with beads of dew

Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance

On December 1, 2014, Audrey Watters published a collection of her lectures under the title Monsters of Education Technology. The following is the final chapter from...
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Chalk drawing of squares

The Open, Interactive Music Theory Textbook

This Summer, Hybrid Pedagogy launched a new long-form publishing venture, spearheaded by Robin Wharton and Kris Shaffer: Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing (HPP). Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing seeks to encourage active...
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A cat naps on pavement, precariously tucked under a tire.

The MOOC Problem

The purpose of education is in large part linked to its standing as a social science. Philosophers dating back to Socrates have linked education to a...
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a pile of Sylvania Blue Dot flashbulbs

Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality

I have colleagues who invoke “Best Practices” the way that evangelical Christians quote the Bible: God has spoken. During these conversations, I am tempted to say...
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London Underground

Developer, Financier, Designer: Building Hybrid Projects outside the University

“I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities — and found no statues of Committees.” ~ G K Chesterston About two years ago circumstances reduced my...
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Photo of an outstretched left hand holding a camera lens pointed away from view. Through the lens, the upside-down image of a male photographer in orange shirt, camera raised to shoot, stands beside a female photographer to his side, with her arms on her hips. Surrounding the camera lens is a heavily blurred, deep blue background.

Confessions of a Subversive Student

My relationship with education has always been a kind of dissonant harmony. I have always loved learning, yet I have always felt like a rogue in...
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MOOC MOOC monster in black and white

MOOC MOOC: Dark Underbelly

“Too many people are drinking the MOOC Kool-aid (or dumping it out hastily) when what we need to do is look closely at the Kool-aid to...
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yellow balloons

10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC

On January 27th, Cathy N. Davidson launches “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education,” a MOOC connected to dozens of other courses and events distributed across...
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Supergirl Accident

Tales of a MOOC Dropout

In September 2013, Hybrid Pedagogy published an e-book of graduate student essays focused on student experiences in MOOCs — from EdX, Udacity, and other xMOOCs, to improvisational MOOCs...
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Kitty builds an online class…by lurking under the lid of a toilet bowl? I guess that’s how this works?

How to Build an Ethical Online Course

The best online and hybrid courses are made from scraps strewn about and gathered together from across the web. We build a course by examining the...
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Bubbles on Glass

How Do Learners Experience Open Online Learning?

During the summer of 2013, George Veletsianos approached the editors of Hybrid Pedagogy about publishing a collection of graduate student essays. The collection focused on these...
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I hope that guy is just sleeping...

Fight the Dead, Fear the MOOC: Questioning The Walking Dead MOOC

On October 14th, the Canvas Network will launch a new massive open online course inspired by the popular television series The Walking Dead. Instructure has teamed with faculty from the University of...
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Even Stones need Love

Meaningful Collaboration: Revitalizing Small Colleges with MOOC Hybrids

When MOOCs went viral in 2012, traditional small colleges reached an identity crossroads, a midlife crisis where idealism and wisdom collide. Although the main concerns of...
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close-up of the filaments of a golden daffodil flower…perhaps

MOOCifying K-12: Relationships, Collaboration, Risk-Taking

Just over a year ago, my “learning” exploded. I was developing a hybrid Canadian online delivery program for Chinese high school students. I was encouraged to...
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many brown eggs with one broken, yolk visible

In Connectivism, No One Can Hear You Scream: a Guide to Understanding the MOOC Novice

This article is an attempt to address a possible gap in Connectivist thinking, and its expression in cMOOCs. It’s to do with the experience of technology...
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Balloon over Waterfall - Like a lovely Dream

Straining the Quality of MOOCs: Student Retention and Intention

“Learners are classified based on their patterns of interaction with video lectures and assessments, the primary features of most MOOCs to date.” — Rene F. Kizilcec, et al....
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human-like figures crafted from rusted metal, marching into the future along a metal rod

Open-source Scholarship

Scholarship is, by its nature, open source. Let me explain. The open-source (or “free” or “libre”) software movement centers around a single ideal: community ownership of...
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Man Bubble

A Manifesto for Community Colleges, Lifelong Learning, and Autodidacts

As some are raised a Catholic or an atheist or a vegetarian, I was raised an academic. The university always had about it a mystique, a...
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