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Hybridity and Form in Generative Literature: A #GenLit Discussion

“Each novelist, each novel must invent its own form.” ~ Alain Robbe Grillet The Generative Literature Project is now underway on seven campuses, as a murder...
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Generative Literature Project Update #1

The murder of Theopolis College president Cadence Mackarthur has not yet happened. It’s Fall, and the college hasn’t yet made public their choice of ten “Distinguished...
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CFP: The Generative Literature Project

Frederick and I are unlikely friends. We met as faculty members at Clark Atlanta University. We didn’t really know each other that well when we worked...
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A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers

Every educator, from kindergarten to graduate school, should contribute to the important and significant work of teaching students to use online sources and social networks for...
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How Shadowing my 2nd-grader Led to a New View of Tech in the Classroom

Last year, I experienced two months that were very challenging for me as a person and as an academic. One of my sons, who was seven,...
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