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The Rules of Twitter

that now Twitter feels as if they’ve walked onto Broadway. Suey Park and David Leonard in “In Defense of Twitter Feminism” explain the white fear about...
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Twitter Theory and the Public Scholar

In celebration of Twitter’s 6th birthday this week, we offer an examination of Twitter’s application to pedagogical and scholarly communities. I was very excited when I...
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The ghost of twitter past.

The Twitter Essay

make an argument (if pressed) for how your Tweet functions as an essay. 2. Now, peer review. Search #twitteressay on Twitter to see all of the...
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In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship

...or at the start. I am still on Twitter, watching and contributing and trying to make sense of things, much as I was on Twitter throughout...
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Colorful plumage

Twitter Pedagogy: An Educator Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole a classroom, such as Twitter, I do so using pedagogical practices that revise, evaluate, and negotiate the technology alongside my students. I see Twitter as...
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A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers

...isn’t a serious tool. This is an impression I fight hard to change. Twitter is not Facebook in 140 characters, it is something entirely different. I...
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Beyond Academic Twitter: Social Media and the Evolution of Scholarly Publication

creating, reviewing, publishing, and disseminating scholarship. Ten years after Twitter’s launch, we need to stop asking what academics should do on Twitter and start asking what...
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How to Storify. Why to Storify.

...When we first began teaching with Twitter, we wanted to contain conversations that would eventually evaporate. Twitter allows us to go back through someone’s stream to...
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Digital Pedagogy Lab Courses: Teaching with Twitter

...our Twitter presence, how to craft tweets, how (or whether) to write social media policies for syllabi, how to lead Twitter discussions, how to create assignments...
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A Careful Approach to Digital Scholarship

of faculty, students, and researchers anyway. The Twitter Journal Club (#TJC15), an open, unstructured, academic reading group found on Twitter, provides meaningful learning experiences while embracing...
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The Pretense of Neutrality: Twitter, Digital Literacy, and First-Year Writing having the entire class create Twitter accounts then follow upwards of thirty media outlets across the political spectrum, everything from The Huffington Post to Breitbart...
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Death of the Discussion Forum: a #digped Chat For the past ten days, Jesse has been teaching (with Kris Shaffer and me as co-teachers) the Digital Pedagogy Lab course Teaching with Twitter ....
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Twessays and Composition in the Digital Age

symbols of the digital age. As far as engaging pedagogically with Twitter, Carlson’s qualitative study of incorporating Twitter in classroom activities further quells these fears about...
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An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning

...but I think suffers from problems fora do not. We ran our MOOC social media chats on facebook, google plus, the coursera fora and twitter. Twitter...
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The Threat of Scholarly Openness: Twitter and Its Discontents

...intention here is not to debate the finer points of the openness of those events, but to connect my experience to this week’s discussion of Twitter...
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MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy

...Giroux, On Critical Pedagogy, chapter 4 Explore some of the #FergusonSyllabus posts on Twitter Hosts: Marisol Brito and Kris Shaffer Discussion Prompt: “Politics, Pedagogy, and Agency”...
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Get your art history on

Hashtag Classroom

Hashtags are taxonomic and pedagogical tools (with citation standards to boot). The Twitter hashtag was born in 2007. Invented by Chris Messina (then with the consulting...
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Truthy Lies and Surreal Truths: A Plea for Critical Digital Literacies

...literacies, one of which was Twitter bots. Twitter bots are a fun way to engage remixing text. (See Audrey Watters’s Twitter list of Twitter bots for...
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Best Practices: Thoughts on a Flash Mob Mentality

...a bunch more options. Some introverts like Twitter chats, where they can participate in a quiet room with a laptop. Other students think the Twitter chats...
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Digital Networks, Participation, and Influence: a #digped Discussion

...professional learning networks? What counts as academic influence on a platform like Twitter? Do Twitter conversations (like #digped) constitute a new kind of peer review? Or...
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Twitter and the Locus of Research

...a single tweet constitutes scholarship, although in rare cases one might, but rather that Twitter and participatory media more broadly disperses the locus of scholarship, making...
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Building Community and Critical Literacies with the Domain of One’s Own Incubator

...literacies. In a recent conversation about Twitter in my (Pete’s) ENGL 1102 class, one of my students observed that the way we were using Twitter in...
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A bold, beautiful green vine risks everything to grow atop brick wall and lives

Infiltrating the Walled Garden

...Course->Course Menu->Course Tools->Add Custom Link), and it turned out to work well in practice. My second boundary-blurring project involved Twitter. I wanted to demonstrate the use...
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Blue and yellow fallout shelter sign against yellow bricks

Teaching with the Internet; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Google In My Classroom media in your classroom: Twitter and Facebook Social media channels are commonly perceived as the most heinous source of classroom distraction, but there are ways...
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Learn Like an Arachnid: Why I’m MOOCifying I was thinking these thoughts last August when I stumbled into MOOC MOOC as casually as I might walk into a neighborhood bar. Someone I...
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